End of One Season is Just the Beginning of Another

assprted vegetablesI never get tired of the rhythm of the seasons.

As a gardener/forager, just as one season ends, there’s always the next rolling in right behind.

While my garden might be seeing its last days, it’s time to make the concord grape jam. And nearly time to plant my garlic. And then to pick the pumpkins and squash. And so on and so on. Even in winter, there’s maple sugaring.

There is always something to look forward to.

And, yes, … Read more

Is the Universe Trying to Tell Me Something?

dog bed

A big box from Amazon addressed to me showed up today. This deluxe dog bed was inside.

I did not order it.

Amazon has no record of sending it.

No one I know thinks it’s a good idea for me to get another dog so soon. And so no one I can think of who might have sent it, admits to it.

A sign from the universe that somewhere there’s a dog being that wants to come share its life … Read more

My New Dog

beagle Meet Bob. My new dog.

He’s a pound puppy. Well, actually a pound old man; he’s around 8 years old. And he’s sweet as can be.

I know I said I was going to wait at least a year but…


I sort of am still waiting.

Bob is a dear friend’s dog that we’re dog-sitting for. Her usual standby wasn’t available and she had a terrible experience trying someone on Rover.com. (Not all Rover experiences turn out poorly. You … Read more

How to Save Up tp 50% on Car Rentals. Really.

50% off car rentalWith lots of upcoming travel, I’m looking for every way I can to save money. I came across this tip from #moneyhoneyrachel. At the time of this post, this still works like a charm.

View the video instructions »

Here’s How:

  1. Go to undercovertourist.com
  2. From the main navigation, select discount tickets and click AMC theatres
  3. Scroll down toward the bottom of the page and click on “Add 1 regular fountain drink” ticket to your cart and continue
  4. From the
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Two New Drinking Water Purification Solutions. One’s a Game-Changer.

Because I like to go on walkabouts from time to time, which often means an unplanned, unresearched trip that could land me anywhere in the world, one of the top, always-pack items I take is some kind of water filtration gadget. My go-to for a long time has been the LifeStraw 22 oz, BPA-free filtration bottle. I love it. Easy to use and works great.

But I’m always keeping my eye out for what’s coming down the pike with water … Read more

Should I Get a Mini Australian Shepherd or a Regular Standard Australian Shepherd? What Are the Differences?

Mini AussieI cannot tell a lie. I’m wavering. I’d initially wanted to wait at least a year before bringing another dog into my life. I’m blaming it all on my daughter, Cait.

She’s been having me look at Aussies in Rescue and Shelters for her. She’s thinking she wants a Mini Aussie with a tail. Specifically a Mini Aussie Blue Merle. This is the girl she has her heart set on. She’s also thinking smaller is better for apartment living.

Looking … Read more

How to Disable and Remove Important Labels in Gmail

Depending on the email client you use, you may see every and I do mean ev-er-y single email marked with a bright yellow IMPORTANT  label. It’s maddening to keep unchecking them to only have the next email reappear as important. Again.

Here’s the only fix that works to stop Gmail from marking all emails as important.

If you don’t want emails getting marked as important, go to mail settings > inbox  – disable Importance markers, and then set up a … Read more

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