Two Bodies, One Heartbeat

2 cavalier puppies sleeping on 1 dog bed
I know this is becoming a bit of a theme here—the Kenzie/Riley love fest. But in all my years of living with animals, I’ve never seen anything like it…

I keep thinking about how lucky they are. And then I think how lucky I am to get to witness this every day.… Read more

Perseids Meteor Show Coming to a Sky Near You

meteor shower image created in Dall-e Coinciding with the waning moon, the Perseid meteor shower is at its peak over the next few days of August, 11, 12, and 13. So viewing should be spectacular if the weather cooperates.

It’s one of the most active and brightest meteor showers of the year. And it’s safe to expect to see dozens of meteors per hour. Watching is an annual event at our house.

To have the best experience, make sure to find a place to watch that’s … Read more

Sharing Umwelts

2 cavaliers

When we got Kenzie, it was my deepest wish that she and Riley would form a tight bond, so they could share life with another in the same umwelt. Like me saying to Andrew in wonder, “Can you believe how huge the moon is tonight?” And Andrew saying, “Yeah, pretty spectacular.”

I imagine Riley and Kenzie getting to have those shared kinds of moments. And I expect they will because they’ve bonded more closely than I’d even hoped for. … Read more

Anybody Wanna Take Bets?

Doggie diapers Kenzie is officially in heat at 7 months. Of course, I was hoping she’d go longer, but so it goes.

Actually, I was hoping that she’d hold off long enough so Riley would be old enough to neuter. Yes, I know, I was dreaming.

But anyway so here we are. Doggie diapers. Anybody want to take bets on how long this will stay on? If you guessed longer than a half hour before she wriggles out of it, you lose.… Read more

Fireworks and Thunder Storm Anxiety in Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide Including Natural and Over-the-Counter Remedies

fireworks dog hiding I don’t know about you, but around here, fireworks and thunderstorms are a source of anxiety and stress. For my dogs. And therefore, for me. It’s been decades since I’ve actually enjoyed either.

So I’ve created this Fireworks and Thunder Storm Survival Guide that also includes natural and over-the-counter remedies to help your dog get through the 4th of July and more. The good news is there’s a lot you can do to help your dog cope.

These are some

Read more
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