“Access to this PC has been blocked for security reasons” — DO NOT CLICK ON IT OR CALL THE #

If this happens to you—your entire computer screen is taken over with these “windows” while blaring a message to call the number—DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT click anywhere on the screen or call the number.

scam information

Here’s the fix.

For PCs:

  1. task manager windowOpen the “Task Manager” by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc.
  2. Find your web browser’s icon (in this case, Google Chrome) and click to highlight. Then click on the End Task button.
  3. Your browser window (along with this
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In Case You Missed It

There was a lunar (full moon) eclipse this morning, fully visible in most of the United States. The sky was silly bright most of the night. The kind of night where you could easily walk outside without a flashlight. The eclipse was officially complete in the eastern US at 5:16 AM this morning.

In case you missed it…

lunar eclipse nov 8 2022

If you’re noticing that it looks red instead of black, you’d be correct. This is what’s known as a blood moon. This … Read more

Is Having Three Dogs Better Than Two or One?

[Since Google is sending people here re 3 vs 2 dogs (which I wrote as a fun fluff piece), please also read this more serious post for my honest opinion: What I Really Think About Having 3 Dogs vs 2 Dogs first before you decide. Updated 10/25/22]

I’m often asked if there are benefits to having multiple dogs. I’d have to say it depends on the number of multiples you’re considering. For instance, is having two dogs Read more

What I Really Think About Having 2 Dogs vs 3 Dogs

3-aussies-playing Q: From the Mailbag: Natasha asks, I currently have two male dogs (a Labrador 5 yrs and a Yorkshire Terrier 2 yrs) and they both get along great. I’ve always wanted a Rottweiler. Do you think it would be a bad idea getting a 3rd dog? What sex would you say would be better? Thanks.

A: Natasha, having had one dog, two dogs, three dogs, and four dogs at various times, my favorite number is two. Adding a third

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New Kids on the Block

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! We’ve got two new birds that seem to have taken up permanent residence.
bald eagle wild turkey

The bald eagle flew right over my head to make itself known. I’ve seen it a few times now. They’re not that common around here, so it’s exciting to get to see.

The turkey… The poor turkey has actually been booted out of its flock. Since it’s mating season and the dominant male doesn’t want any competition, he’s been ostracized. … Read more

I Used to Be Normal…

…Two dogs ago.

When I saw that tagline, I laughed and thought, yep, that was me. I used to be normal. Before I started adding more dogs and a cat to our animal family. My life used to be sane back then.

But life often has other plans for me. You can read about a couple of those plans here and here.

You see, as I have often written about, two dogs are the perfect number. For so … Read more

End of One Season is Just the Beginning of Another

assprted vegetablesI never get tired of the rhythm of the seasons.

As a gardener/forager, just as one season ends, there’s always the next rolling in right behind.

While my garden might be seeing its last days, it’s time to make the concord grape jam. And nearly time to plant my garlic. And then to pick the pumpkins and squash. And so on and so on. Even in winter, there’s maple sugaring.

There is always something to look forward to.

And, yes, … Read more

Is the Universe Trying to Tell Me Something?

dog bed

A big box from Amazon addressed to me showed up today. This deluxe dog bed was inside.

I did not order it.

Amazon has no record of sending it.

No one I know thinks it’s a good idea for me to get another dog so soon. And so no one I can think of who might have sent it, admits to it.

A sign from the universe that somewhere there’s a dog being that wants to come share its life … Read more

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