A Bit Drab Today

As I stand by the door, waiting for the dogs to do their business, I look up at the heavy gray sky; there’s a winter storm brewing. It reminds me of a conversation that took place on our way to Lake Placid a while back.

Andrew and I were in the front seat, and McLean and Caitlin were in the back. We were happy to have Mac with us, as he was home on break for a short while and also needed to fit in all his visiting with friends before he took off again.

“It’s a bit drab today,” Cait observed as we drove along the highway.

I nodded. It was.

“Drab,” McLean said from the backseat. “Who uses the word drab?”

Andrew and I smiled at each other. Andrew, looking up in the rear view mirror, replied to McLean, “I’d say drab was the appropriate word.”

We knew what McLean was really saying. He often expressed appreciation for his little sister’s vocabulary, for his little sister’s intelligence in general.

“At college I can’t imagine anyone using that word,” McLean said.

“What word would they use?” Cait asked.

“Crap,” McLean said. “This day looks like crap.”

We all laughed.

I return to the present as the dogs run back to the door. As I let them in, I take another look up at the sky. Indeed, it is a bit drab today, I think to myself…and smile.

2 thoughts on “A Bit Drab Today”

  1. With all the rain we had the other day I was definitely feeling drab. :) I prefer the snow to the rain however, so today is less drab on my cruddy-weather meter.
    Let’s hope this is the last storm! Spring here we come.

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