A Little Levity to Ring in the New Year


With all Kiera’s health stuff lately and many trips to the vets, this tree just seems fitting.

Here’s Cait’s contribution for some holiday humor.


Wishing you and yours a safe and peaceful Holiday season!

See you in the new year.

8 thoughts on “A Little Levity to Ring in the New Year”

  1. I will look into that Karen. We should be getting a new furbaby in the spring. I do not want a repeat of this!! After years of rescue, we have a Mini-Aussie on order. We want to raise one and now that I’m not working, I get to do all the work lol. I already have a training facility picked out to start basic classes then when he is ready, I want to get him into Therapy work. I would love to take him down to Detroit to Childrens Hospital. We can’t wait!!

    1. Very exciting on the pending mini aussie. I’ll look forward to hearing all about it! Yes, here’s hoping 2013 has better health in store for our beloved companions…

  2. Oh, what a eventful week!! I had to take Bandit to the animal ER, he had a reaction to his Bordetella Vaccination. I was scared to pieces, I thought he was choking due to his Kennel Cough he developed after his shot!! I’m crazy about not getting my children many recommended vaccinations, guess that will be carried over to my furbabies!

    1. Oh Dawn! That is scary! I too have moved away from automatic vaccinations. I’ve been titering my dogs for years now, and rarely do they ever need a booster. Better luck going forward with your guys. Hope the New Year brings good health to all your fur babies!

  3. What a clever tree! I took my boys into our Vet. Had x-rays done on Jordy and everything came back fine. Bandit has gained 10 lbs since I have had him. I requested his thyroid levels be tested, I will bet money that’s the problem. Jordys Thyroid level came back a tad low, so now we wait. I told my Vet that I really think my city water is part of the problem. Every herding dog I have owned has had Thyroid issues. So dental work here till he get the boys feeling better. But here is to another year with our babies :)

    1. Dawn, that’s very good news to hear about Jordy! Thanks for the update. Things are looking up for Kiera too. May our old herders be with us for many months to come!

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