A Race to the Finish


I’m true to my mostly Italian Heritage; I can find a way to add garlic to nearly any meal. I’ve long gone through all my garlic bulbs, and am down to the dregs of my minced garlic (above left). I’ve got another month and a half before my garlic plants (above right) are ready to pull. With the help of my brothers and sister cleaning me out (they fight over my garlic), it doesn’t look like I’m gonna make it. I’m counting on the farmer’s market to carry me through…

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  1. This Eclectic Life

    So, do you mince garlic and keep it refrigerated? I love to cook with garlic, but mince it each time I cook. Smelly hands!

    Yes, I mince it by hand, not food processor. Could just be in my head, but I think the food processor beats some of the flavor out. When I have enough to fill a jar, I add the best organic Cold Pressed Virgin Olive Oil I can find. It keeps the garlic from drying out. Refrigerated, it keeps for months. 

    As for the smelly hands, I wear rubber gloves to deter the smell, but also to keep the garlic from drying out my hands. 

  2. There’s a restaurant in San Francisco called the stinking rose – all the dishes on the menu have garlic in them. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  3. Garlic fan here too..I am convinced of it’s medicinal properties and roast chicken with 40 cloves is heaven! I have never grown any however. Are they hard to grow?

    They’re so easy to grow, it’s ridiculous. Just plop the cloves in tip-side up in October and harvest in July. (There’s a little more to it than that, but not much.)

  4. love garlic…and it is incredibly good for you too! My friend’s mother owns Diva Farms which processes various kinds of garlic. Not sure if they sell it in your supermarket, we have it in mine. It’s good stuff!

    I’ve seen their web site. Looks like it’s good.

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