How Can We Know God

How Can We Know God

Q: How can we come closer to knowing God?

A: It has been said in so many ways down through the centuries: To know God you must know the Self, because through the Self, you find God. This is quite literal in meaning: Through the Self, you find God. Through the higher consciousness, through awakening consciousness, the Self realizes the permanent connection to God. To say connection is deceiving, because in fact there is not a connection. The Self is God. There is no separation from which to connect one piece to another. It is one and the same. So to know the Self is to know God. The reason why one cannot know God first is because that’s an act of separation. Do you understand? Read all you want, talk all you want. It’s all interesting and fascinating, even helpful and useful. But to know God, simply know the Self.

Spend time in meditation, in nature, with loved ones. Spend not one moment in anything other than seeking clarity, because only when you establish the habit of speaking and being clear all the time can you begin to know the Self. When there is nothing to hide from, when there is no ego to protect, when there is no identity, or personality to pump up, then living in the now, immersed in God Consciousness, becomes the only reasonable thing to do.

Q: How has man gotten to the point where he feels disconnected?

A: Because he’s been told, and she’s been told for thousands of years that s/he is not connected, that s/he is separate. There are millennia of reinforced thinking, which creates a very believable reality. We have created a groupthink of separateness rather than togetherness. This happened when there was a fall from grace. The fall was not religious, as described in the ‘Adam and Eve’ story, but allegorical. The fall from grace was a fall from spiritual awareness, when greed and need entered into relations causing the initial separateness. It has been built on ever since.

Great religious figures have come at various times to reconnect people to God Consciousness. And always, the longer in time we move away from the original pure teachings, there is more distraction and dissension as misinterpretation infiltrates the pureness. Eventually, it becomes so changed that many people can no longer grasp the meaning of God—the I Am One, from the diluted and altered message.

As long as there is one person who has something they feel they need to protect and to keep as theirs, we cannot fully know this other reality of God. People are afraid that being one with God means either being brainwashed into a religious cult or it means losing their individuality and their ability to think for themselves, or to evaluate objectively. Because the true meaning of God has been lost and turned into a personalized God, people can’t see what benefit there is to connecting to a personalized God based on the reward and punishment system that presently exists in most religions. So to find God, one has to look outside religion. As soon as one looks outside religion, one is accused of being a heretic, a lunatic, a new age nut. The way our world is set up today, it’s difficult to make much progress.

The fastest way to experience God is to experience childlike play because only through childlike play can one trick oneself into having a childlike open mind. And then one remembers God. It all becomes so perfectly clear that there is no need to discuss or debate. Doing so would seem silly. This is why small children retain that direct connection until about the age of three, when they begin losing it very quickly as they are indoctrinated more fully into the religious, educational, and social culture. But previous to that they have a pure awareness.

If you have forgotten God, and you are feeling lazy about doing the spiritual work to reconnect, then just sit down with a three year old, and he, or she, will tell you all about it.

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