Band on the Run

Cait and I come home from grocery shopping for the dinner I’m making for my bookgroup. As I put the bags on the counter, I notice Andrew is having a glass of wine (meant for my soon-to-be-arriving guests).

Andrew isn’t much of a drinker and he knows the wine is for my friends. I look around for clues, but all looks perfectly fine. Nothing is out of place. The dogs and cat are lounging around the kitchen waiting to be fed as usual. Before I have a chance to ask Andrew if there’s been some bad news, he waves a hand at the animals, and says, “Band on the run” (My husband often speaks in song lyrics, doesn’t yours?)

“What?” I […]

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How is it that…

… one dog can be outside lying at the far end of the field, the other dog can be sleeping on the bed upstairs at the other end of the house, and the cat is nowhere to be found.

Until I open the refrigerator door.

And all three magically appear.