New Zealand Anyone?

Cait says from the backseat of the car, “Mom, there’s a tick on your shirt.”

Just having gotten into the car after a family hike through the woods, I get back out, find the tick (it’s a deer tick of course), and pick it off. Climbing back into the car, I say to Andrew, “Can’t blame that tick on the dogs.”

Andrew, who’s just contracted Lyme disease again from a tick he believes he picked up from one of the … Read more

Wanderings–Call Free

With the holidays coming up, and cell phone minutes running down (two beloved stepsons in far flung places), I’ve found Skype. It’s a program that lets you make free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype. All calls from Skype to landlines and mobiles within the US and Canada are also free till the end of the year. It’s free and easy to download and use, and works with most computers. But you do need … Read more

If I were King, There Would be Silence.

I would order up an hour of silence every day. All human-generated noise would cease. All cars and planes would stop. Bass booming radios thumping out of car windows would go silent. Construction of any kind would momentarily end. TVs, computers, radios, and all electronic equipment would be turned off. And all humans would go stand outside in nature and rediscover what they’ve been missing.… Read more

If I were King, Sending Chain Letter Emails…

…would be punishable by Slow Dial-Up.

We’d all agree that spam is an annoying nuisance —a pesky swarm of e-mosquitoes dive-bombing our in-boxes. We all hate it so much that we would never knowingly forward spam to our friends. Right?

Several times a week, I get what I call “superstitious spam emails” from friends—the 21st Century version of chain letters. You know the kind: Read this little prayer, ditty, cute pics with captions, and forward it to fill-in-the-number of … Read more

What’s it all about, Alfie?

When Caitlin was little, she liked to use me as her personal jungle-gym. She still loves to sit on my lap and cuddle, but lately I’ve been telling her she’s getting too big and the weight of her is starting to hurt my legs. I make her sit next to me instead.

When Kiera was little, she liked to lean against me, and use my feet as her personal head-rest. As she’s grown, she’s gotten into the habit of lying … Read more

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