Counting by Halves

There are two times in life when we count by halves. One is when we’re under the age of ten, and we’re half way between one birthday and the next. We’re still young enough for it to feel as though a year stretches on forever. So making it a whole six months more is worthy of being marked and counted. “I’m six and a half!” says my friend’s daughter with great pride. I’m excited for my friend’s daughter, because I remember.

The other time when we count by halves is after a loved one has died. Time slows back down to a crawl, as the days stretch on into weeks, and then into months. It feels as though that first year’s […]

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Wanderings–Tool Making

Science magazine has a fascintating video clip of a crow making a tool to retrieve a bucket of food.

Science excerpt: “Though these crows are known to employ tools in the wild using natural materials, this captive bird had no prior training with the use of pliant materials such as wire — a fact that makes its apparently spontaneous, highly specific problem-solving all the more interesting, and raises intriguing questions about the evolutionary preconditions for complex cognition. The crow’s behavior was captured on an unusual video clip.”

Hopefully, these kinds of experiments will go a long way toward re-educating the world on animal intelligence.

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Tis The Season To Get Catalogs

Fa la la la la, La la la la!

Starting at the end of October, we get several catalogs a day. Catalogs
This is one day’s worth.

They’ll keep coming right up until Christmas, and through New Year’s, when they’ll finally stop. No more waiting for Thanksgiving to come and go. Nope, the Christmas machine starts gearing up before the kids have had a chance to Trick-or-Treat.

The older I get, the more I’ve become allergic to malls, especially around the Holidays. I’ve taken to doing all my shopping over the internet. I’m not wasting gas or fighting crowds, and I can shop at 4 am if I feel like it. It’s easy, convenient, and I can […]