The Earth Knows My Name

The earth knows my name. I hear her call it.

“It’s time…,” she tells me. Her voice a gentle whisper.

There is no trace of my garden buried under two feet of snow. No hint of Spring in the air. And yet, like the magnetic forces beginning to draw the birds back north, I hear her beckon.

Having listened for so many years, I am elated to hear her voice begin to grow stronger once again. And, as I have for so many years, I answer her call.

This morning I placed my order for organic seeds from Seeds of Change. Normally, I wouldn’t be ordering so many packs (I grow my own seeds), but I tried an […]

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My Essential Gardening Tools

gardentools1.jpg I can pretty much do every gardening task I have with just these few tools: 1 EZ-Digger, 1 pair of good gloves, 1 Garden Scooter, and 1 pair Muck Boots. I like to keep it simple; no fuss, no muss. Okay, maybe 1 pair of good clippers or a pocket knife does come in handy every now and then.

I use the EZ-Digger in place of 10 other tools. Mine is a little chewed on the end of the handle (along with the backs of my Muck boots) — a few of Magic’s many teething toys from when he was a puppy. Every time I use them, I think of […]

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Harvest Time

Garden Bounty It’s a raw and rainy fall day here, in Upstate NY. I harvested the last from my french intensive garden. In another week, I’ll plant the garlic bulbs I dug up and dried back in July. The ones left anyway… My hardneck garlic has become legendary among family members for its flavor and sweetness, and they grab as much of it as they can.

Reflecting back on this gardening season, it was a mixed bag. A combination of too much rain and cold in the spring, and an experiment in using 7 year old seeds (I grow and use my own seeds), made for a disappointing and erratic yield. For instance, while […]

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My Garden Swans

My Garden Swans

I started my first garden when I was twelve; I went out to the back field and dug myself up a quarter acre. I’ve rarely missed a summer since. I do some of my best thinking digging in the dirt.

This picture is of two of my garlic plants nuzzling each other. Aren’t they beautiful!

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