Garden Experiment 2007

To Break Scape or Not to Break Scape?

That is the question no more.

When I first started growing garlic, I’d read that breaking the scapes (the flower stalks) off the garlic plants soon after they appeared would allow the bulbs to grow bigger (and so I’d always broken the scapes). Made sense, logically speaking; the energy that would be used to grow the scapes would then be forced down into the bulb. I wanted to test this logic for myself to see just how big a difference there’d be.

Garden Experiment 2007:

Break scapes off one bed of garlic and leave scapes on another bed. Evaluate size and weight differential.

The garlic on the left is from the bed with scapes left on. […]

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A Race to the Finish


I’m true to my mostly Italian Heritage; I can find a way to add garlic to nearly any meal. I’ve long gone through all my garlic bulbs, and am down to the dregs of my minced garlic (above left). I’ve got another month and a half before my garlic plants (above right) are ready to pull. With the help of my brothers and sister cleaning me out (they fight over my garlic), it doesn’t look like I’m gonna make it. I’m counting on the farmer’s market to carry me through…

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Homemade Bread

There’s something about the smell of freshly baked bread filling the house. Having grown up in a 300 year old house with a beehive oven in the walk-in fireplace, us kids grew up baking our own bread. It’s a holiday tradition the grandkids now carry on.

With a fireplace like this, how could you not bake bread?!


Here’s a better look at the beehive oven hidden behind the hanging pot.


First, we’d get a roaring fire going in there. When it had burned down to coals, we’d push those aside, put in our loaves, and cover the front with a door. The bread always came out with a perfect golden crust […]

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Planting by the Moon



Planting time here in upstate NY is considered to be safe (danger of frost over) after Mother’s Day. So, as of this past weekend, the gardening gun has gone off.

While my cold weather crops have been in for weeks, now it’s time to get the rest of the garden going. But, I can’t just yet, you see, because I’m waiting for the New Moon — which is still about a day away. And then I’ll wait a couple more days for the moon to be in Cancer. So, don’t be […]

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The Earth Knows My Name

The earth knows my name. I hear her call it.

“It’s time…,” she tells me. Her voice a gentle whisper.

There is no trace of my garden buried under two feet of snow. No hint of Spring in the air. And yet, like the magnetic forces beginning to draw the birds back north, I hear her beckon.

Having listened for so many years, I am elated to hear her voice begin to grow stronger once again. And, as I have for so many years, I answer her call.

This morning I placed my order for organic seeds from Seeds of Change. Normally, I wouldn’t be ordering so many packs (I grow my own seeds), but I tried an […]

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My Essential Gardening Tools

gardentools1.jpg I can pretty much do every gardening task I have with just these few tools: 1 EZ-Digger, 1 pair of good gloves, 1 Garden Scooter, and 1 pair Muck Boots. I like to keep it simple; no fuss, no muss. Okay, maybe 1 pair of good clippers or a pocket knife does come in handy every now and then.

I use the EZ-Digger in place of 10 other tools. Mine is a little chewed on the end of the handle (along with the backs of my Muck boots) — a few of Magic’s many teething toys from when he was a puppy. Every time I use them, I think of […]

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