Cause for Concern and Laughter

We are living in interesting times, as the curse/saying goes. Because of my work with healthcare, I am probably more aware than average of where we are and where we’re headed with COVID-19.

Here’s an interactive map that shows how the virus is spreading in this country.

The following chart shows where the world is on March 23rd. Today, the US  has 42,484 cases. Yesterday, there were 26,900. Do the math. The exponential horse is out of the barn.

Click on this chart to see how many new cases are occurring each day by country. chart of covid cases by country


I don’t scare easily.  And I’m scared for what awaits this country. Yes, it’s easy to blame the president–and I do–for sitting on top of this knowledge FOR TWO MONTHS before he took action. But this isn’t a Trump-bashing post.

This is in our hands now. Yours. And mine. It’s what we choose to do that will decide how many people die from this. I am choosing to stay home and am taking extreme caution when I have to go out. I hope that’s what you’re choosing too.

And while there is immense cause for concern, it’s also important not to forget to laugh. Stay safe.

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