Does Cait Read Your Blog?

From the Mail Bag: Several people have asked if Cait reads my blog.

The short answer is: No she doesn’t.

Cait knows I write a blog as part of my writing work, and that sometimes I write about her and her dad. But she thinks it’s mostly all about the dogs, and she doesn’t have any desire to read about them.

I also don’t want her reading the blog. If she did, I’ve no doubt she’d go theatrical on me, trying to be funny or clever or whatever to see if she could get me to write about those things. She’s a very normal kid and I want to make sure she stays that way.

When she’s older, and/or when I no longer blog, I do plan on letting her read what I’ve written as a remembrance of these times and an expression of my love for her. So I do my best to make sure that whatever I write is nothing she’d find embarrassing or a trespass to her privacy. If I’m ever not sure of something, I run it by Andrew to see what he thinks. He’s got final veto power. And since I write when she’s not around, the whole blog thing isn’t really part of her consciousness.

So Shhhh on the blog thing when Cait’s around. Okay? :)

8 thoughts on “Does Cait Read Your Blog?”

  1. girl and dog took the words right out of my fingertips ;-)

    Actually, today I was thinking about writing something somewhat family related on my blog and thought, “Hmmm…so and so would be upset if she read THAT!” but honestly, I can’t think of anybody in my family who would be interested enough to read it. LOL! I didn’t write about the family stuff anyway…just in case!

  2. I feel exactly as you do…Ally knows I blog ( she is 3 years older than Cait) and doesn’t get too upset about it but I am very careful what I write about my girls as well as everything. Just don’t feel comfortable putting it all out there for the world to read. ( Private person too) And like you I run some writings by Dh and get his vote nay or yeah. My farm activities and obligations and plans are taking more and more time away from blogging. The blog may have to be put on the back burner. I say that and then can’t stay away from it! What to do???

  3. Jan, I can see why some kids wouldn’t want some things written about them… Maybe hard to believe, but I’m actually a very private person and am not sure I’d be happy to be the fodder for someone else’s blog.

    Girl, I know what you mean, but I have so many time consuming projects, eventually something’s going to have to go–something that’s not paying the bills. :)

    Oh, Rory, do! It’s so much fun. Poor unsuspecting public… :)Come back and report!

  4. “I also don’t want her reading the blog. If she did, I’ve no doubt she’d go theatrical on me, trying to be funny or clever or whatever…”

    Let her, let her, let her!


    I think I’ll go out today and “go theatrical” on someone.

  5. That seems like a great way to handle it. I have friends whose children read their mother’s blogs and have given edicts about what they can say. Seems like pint size tyranny to me.


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