First Pressing Question of the New Year

new-year 2010. We’ve crossed the first double digit year since passing the new millennium.

Here’s Cait’s and my pressing question: How are you going to say the year?

A: Twenty ten?


B: Two thousand ten?

While I think A will be the spoken standard as we go forward, Cait thinks it should be B, because, as she says, “It’s not just crossing a one-hundred-year marker, we’ve crossed a thousand-year marker, so it should continue to be two thousand and…” She thinks that extra gravitas should be emphasized as we go forward.

Time. And how we mark it. Interesting to think about.

So — are you an A or a B person?

8 thoughts on “First Pressing Question of the New Year”

  1. Oh, I’m a big ‘two thousand ten’ advocate…something about ‘twenty ten’ just doesn’t work for me :)
    .-= The Cowgirl´s last blog ..Cowbell =-.

  2. For me, definitely, two-thousand ten. Twenty-ten just sounds so, so futuristic, and advanced, and space age-y! I was born a hundred years too late anyway, or so I think sometimes, so twenty ten sounds like I live in a world where hover mobiles and condos on Mars are the norm. Just freaks me out a little….sorry, I’m rambling. Goodnight, I need to go and figure out the iPhone my husband gave me for Christmas…

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