Formula for a Happy and Lasting Marriage

We went to our niece’s wedding this weekend. The weather was perfect, pretty much the whole family was able to attend, which was fun, and the event went off without a hitch. It was a happy day. On the long drive back home, I was thinking about something that was said in the wedding ceremony. I believe it’s the secret to success for a long and happy marriage.

“The key to a good marriage requires three components: Find a mate who is your best friend, trusted partner, and true love.”

I think that pretty much sums it up. How ’bout you?

6 thoughts on “Formula for a Happy and Lasting Marriage”

  1. Thank you, Karen…you give me hope! :) All is well…I like my independence. I would like to be married again, too. We’ll see how this all plays out. But the three necessary ingredients are at the top of my list now!

  2. Hi Karen…

    These three were missing from my marriage and it’s why it finally came to an end. These same three were also missing from my last relationship, which amicably came to an end a week ago. I am going to ponder deeply this advice. Thought I understood it, but now I need to really take it into my psyche and let it guide me in the future, whether I ever get married again, or not. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Ah yes, but Cindy you’ve lived and learned. I’ve no doubt with all the self-awareness you now have that it won’t be long before you find the right one for you!

  3. Terri, at 38 years, you could probably write a book! : ) Sadly, I’ve seen several marriages implode over the last few years and in every case I can point to one of these 3 keys having been missing.

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