a very Good day

Australian shepherd in snow

I just finished walking the 3-mile loop in honor of Kiera’s second year on the other side. I still miss her every single day. And I still deeply appreciate every single day that I got to share with her.

Some beings just leave that kind of permanent imprint on you… Like an invisible tattoo that marks you, but only you can see.

Kiera would have immensely enjoyed today’s walk–not just because it was a beautiful sunny day– but because everything is blanketed in a powdery new snow from yet another snowfall last night. She would have spent most of the walk leaping into and out of snowbanks with a burst of butt-tucking runs in between. I would have been laughing the whole way.

Without her, today’s walk was a little more subdued but no less enjoyable. You see, I got to watch two young boys (brothers) on our road who’d spent the whole morning perfecting their sledding hill before they flew down it on their Flexible Fliers. I could hear their peels of laughter all the way back up to the top of the road where I was walking by. Pure joy. Childhood at it’s best.

There are some who might be inclined to accuse me of wanting to rewind back to the “good ol’ days.” Back before technology brought its sea change, causing most people to forget what outside looks like because they spend most of their days staring at one type of screen or another.

It’s not that I think some other time was better, it’s just that I think there are perennial ways of living that are simply Good.

Spending the afternoon flying down snowy hills on a gorgeous sunny day until your legs are too tired to carry you back up hill and your lungs are too tired from laughing is Good. Having a road that I love to walk on every day, no matter what the weather (with a beloved dog or without) is Good. Planting my vegetable seeds in their seedling pots to have them ready for Spring planting and then getting to eat the “fruits of my labor” is Good.

In short, today has been a very Good day.  : )

4 thoughts on “a very Good day”

  1. Awww Karen, your story was bittersweet. I know Kiera is with you in spirit. I enjoy everyday with my furkids. They make me laugh and smile so much. I cannot even go on a vacation because I fear that they would think I abandoned them. You know Blue and Dolly turn 2 years old in a few weeks? Time sure does fly!

    1. No! That’s not possible! Two?!!!!

      I guess the good news is that they should be officially out of the puppy stage and a little more settled down.

      Of course, that’s all relative when it comes to Aussies. : )

      1. I got lucky, they are not to crazy. Of course, the bitter temps has meant no outside playtime, I live 25 miles NW of Detroit. It’s been a little rough, but not unmanageable. As far as them turning 2 soon, it makes me sad. I also find it hard to believe! I will send you a few updated photos. :)

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