Happy Birthday HitchHiker

I’ve been doing some occasional moonlighting over at HitchHiker’s Guide to the Blogosphere; a site where little known blogs are reviewed and get to have their day in the sun. Steve Sherlock, the site owner, reminded me that it’s HitchHiker’s 2nd birthday today. So Happy Birthday HitchHiker! Long live The Long Tail!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday HitchHiker”

  1. Steve Sherlock

    Karen, thanks for the mention and many thanks for your contributions. You add a good viewpoint to the explorations of the ‘long tail’!

  2. You do a fantastic job with your blog! I always enjoy your morning post(s) with my coffee. :)

    I’m really just sharing some of my web wanderings over there. So not really any extra work.

  3. I visited the site and saw your name, I’m impressed with anyone who has time to contribute to other blogs outside of their own, my own seems to take all my time.

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