How to Find Your Inner Teacher

In this section, you’ll find blog posts related to How to Find Your Inner Teacher. Topics include learning how to pay attention in order to make perception shifts to become more awake, deepening our spirituality and connection to nature, as well as developing a strong connection and conversation with our inner teacher.

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  • There is no better time, there is no better place. There is only here and now–so get hopping.
    Q: So, you’re saying to stop trying to game the system. Play it straight up. Here and now. That will make for a pretty big change after a lifetime of trying to see up ahead, around corners. And where has that gotten you? Q: That’s what fear and worry do though. When you feel that you have to watch out for everyone else and yourself–that’s a lot of responsibility. That’s a lot of moving parts. That’s a lot of things that … Read more
  • Do We Have Free Will?
    Do we, as humans, have free will?  As humans, no.  Then why is it that we feel like we need to make decisions?  Because humans are the smallest part of consciousness. The unmanifest creates the human, which becomes the manifest. Once it has been manifested, the journey has been set for the duration.  Did the universe create everything at once?  No, the unmanifest created the universe. In the creation of the universe, everything was set for the duration.  You are putting the starting point later. When something is manifest, the starting point is over and the duration … Read more
  • Remembering What We Have Forgotten
    Do all people have the experience of trying to remember the connection of awareness that they’ve forgotten something, but they don’t remember what it is they’ve forgotten? All people on a spiritual path do. The way they experience it is as a kind of deep-set loneliness that can live well below consciousness. Somebody may not be thinking every day, “Gosh, I’m so lonely” but there’s a feeling of being disconnected from everything that’s common to a lot of people.  So … Read more
  • How Should We Go About Achieving Our Dreams?
    Start with First Things First Q: How should people go about achieving their dreams? Most people are inclined to put the cart before the horse. It’s valuable to have dreams, but most people don’t know why they have the dreams they have. Many have them because they’ve fallen into them and don’t know what other dreams to have. Yes, through dreaming, people create their own reality and lives. But so many of these dreams get shaped at times in our … Read more
  • How to Develop Intuition
    Q: Does everyone have an intuitive ability? Yes. Everyone is born with an active intuitive awareness, otherwise known as the instinct for survival. Because this is essentially an unused sense, which is typically not valued or is feared, most parents teach it out of their children at a very early age. Q: Are you saying that intuition is nothing more than a glorified survival instinct? Intuition is a refined version, yes. Before the modern age when humans were on an … Read more
  • Surround Yourself  
    Surround yourself   with people   who are   Full of Life,   Full of Humor,   Full of Dreams, Full of themSelves.
  • The Shell Game
    In order to survive, we all build a shell to live in. For some, the shell is the athlete, the brain, the attractive one, the funny one, the kind-nice one, the in-control-get-things-done one. There are many shells. But that’s all it is; a shell game.   But you won’t know this until you lift the shell up to see that there’s nothing underneath it. You don’t live in the shell, the shell is not you. When you are freed from that illusion, then you … Read more
  • A Simple Meditation for Young Children
    Don’t we all wish we’d learned how to meditate when we were young? All adult meditators would agree. And yet how many meditating parents still haven’t found the time or the way to start with their young children. The secret to success: Keep it Short. Keep it Simple. Keep it Fun. Following is a simple and easy way to get started. But first, a few tips. Keep the language and imagery simple. Stay away from loaded words. Keep the meditation … Read more