I Can See! I Can See!

It’s miraculous! I can now see without needing to have two pairs of glasses on my person at all times!  Sing it with me now! Hallelujah!



To what do I owe this miracle? A marvel of modern invention. Yes, we’re talking contacts.

I don’t know why it took me so long to do something about it, but I finally went to the optometrist and asked what my options were.

As happens to most of us after we pass the age of 40, I’ve become both near and far-sighted, and so need glasses for both close-up and distance.

So — the options…  I could keep doing what I’d been doing for the last several years and continue to switch back and forth between glasses.  I could pay a lot of money for a pair of progressive lens glasses. But with the way I lose glasses, I thought that not a prudent choice. So I decided to opt for something different. Like one of the many versions of multifocal contact lens.

I tried the contacts and had no problems getting them in or out, so it was a no-brainer.  No more glasses for this girl!  And the best part of all is that I CAN SEE! Did I mention that I CAN SEE?!  Yes, I can REALLY SEE! It’s so thrilling that I’m having a hard time containing myself. I want to shout it from the rooftops — I CAN SEE!

For those of you with good vision, don’t underestimate the wonder of being able to see your world with crisp, clear definition.  For those of you in my shoes (and you know who you are) get thee to an eye doctor!  Today!  You won’t believe the dizzying array of options awaiting you.

Since your eye doctor is in the best position to guide you, I won’t go into a long harangue on all the different types of lenses available to you (yes, even those of you with astigmatisms and/ or dry eye can now wear contacts).  I’ll just say that, after trying several pairs, I went with Ciba Vision’s Air Optix Aqua Multifocals.  They’re just out on the US market, though they’ve been available in Europe for a while. (Why is it that Europe gets all the cool stuff first?) And I can testify that they are extraordinary — the best of all the brands I tried on both close-up and distance vision.

And, let me repeat one more time, I CAN SEE!

Can you tell I’m happy? : )

10 thoughts on “I Can See! I Can See!”

  1. Contacts are wonderful, and I’m so happy that you’ve found a pair that are comfortable. I wore them for years, but once I was home full-time, I discovered that my cat’s fur worked its way under the contacts and irritated my eyes. Now, I’m used to reaching for my glasses the moment I climb out of bed.

  2. Sounds like you have found the right solution for you. I couldn’t stand the feel of anything on my eyes. I guess I’m hypersensitive.

    But I love my progressives. I wait until the back-to-school/customer loyalty promo and wear them forever. But my optometrist says my rate of change has slowed alot, too.


  3. Is this kind of contact workable for those with really dry eyes? I gave up contacts many years ago because my eyes were so dry. Just wondering if you know…
    thanks, Elizabeth

    1. Elizabeth, these are made so that they’re highly “breathable.” They are supposed to work for people with dry eye. As I don’t have that problem, I can’t attest to that, but I do specifically recall the optometrist saying that they would work for that. The only issue may be that you wouldn’t be able to wear them all day, but rather just for several hours a day.

      If you go, they’ll give you a sample pair to try and you can see how they work at no risk of expense or commitment. Seems like it’s worth a shot.

  4. At 52, I am with you sista! Near sighted (-10), need glasses for close up work!

    this getting old ain’t for sissies!

  5. Oh my Lord! I caught myself this last week on vacation with a pair on my head (because I forgot they were there) and a pair on my eyes. I was all bent out of shape because I thought I lost the first pair and tore our cabin up looking for them. My husband just smiled (mind you, he watched me do this with the glasses on my head) and just said, “Honey, you SURE you don’t want to use the nice necklace I got you”? Arrrgh!

  6. Cindy, a belated happy birthday to you! And, yes, I can totally relate to how your daughter felt– it IS like being reborn. I’d been living on Dollar Store readers and must have had 20 pair sprinkled through the house for easy access. I tried the beaded chain but I have this weird thing about not being able to wear jewelry and it felt too much like a necklace. Finally, I just wound up wearing one pair on my head while the other was on my eyes. Your husband is too funny. :)

  7. “I can see clearly now the rain is gone”……..Wow, that dates me doesn’t it? So happy for you Karen! I remember my daughter going through this when she struggled with glasses. When she finally got into a pair of contacts she just sat in the car on the way home saying, “I love seeing EVERYTHING, I think I’ve been reborn”! Me, I use grocery store readers, and just to be funny, my husband bought me one of those, ahem, “cute” little beaded chains to wear them around my neck! He thought it would be a nice little kick in the butt on my forty-ninth birthday last month! Thanks, honey. The hair nets were a nice little surprise too……
    Forty-nine and holding…..onto every bit of vision I have left!

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