I Seem to be Stuck in Invention Mode

My brother, Eric, and I have had something of an invention contest since we were kids. We’re always thinking and scheming, and we’ve even patented a few. This was my latest, of which my very funny brother was not initially grasping. (Apologies in advance for the slightly graphic nature of our exchange. : )

Karen: That invention in my dream. I remember what it was now—a toilet that uses compressed air instead of water…

Eric: That’s hilarious, compressed air up your hole will kill you! There won’t be anyone around to clean up the mess :)

Karen: No no no!!! Not up! Compressed air to blow everything DOWN the hole. lol. You’re making fun of my multi-billion-dollar idea?!

Have you ever invented anything?

5 thoughts on “I Seem to be Stuck in Invention Mode”

  1. Great minds think alike! I was just doing a google search to see if something existed before I thought about pursuing the idea further. Let’s see who beats who to the patent office!

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