If This Dog…


… could figure out how to crawl inside her skin to be that much closer, I’ve no doubt he would!

This is how the two of them sleep every night. Face to face. Breath to breath. Heartbeat to heartbeat.

It’s a love like no other. And I can’t believe that Cait has finally found it. It’s been a long time coming. So long, in fact, that I wondered if she’d ever get to have the experience.

All it took was the right dog.

Thanks little guy.

10 thoughts on “If This Dog…”

  1. What a sweet picture. One really has to experience that love to fully understand it…good for Cait that she understands now!

  2. This post makes me wish my cat would cuddle me like that, but alas, she is more of a loner. She does like to sleep on my feet but she is too much of a diva to ever sleep heart to heart like that :)

  3. I have to know…..who drew/painted this sweet picture? Was it you Karen? Or did you just happen to find this PERFECT depiction somewhere? If you did create it I hope you framed it…….

    1. Cindy, Ah, the wonders of photoshop! I try to avoid using full face closeup photos of Cait to help her retain a smidgen of privacy.

      As for the bigger two, they like to sandwich me with each on one side. I’m beginning to think it’s time for a king size bed!

  4. That’s so precious! I have a cat that sleeps with me that way, especially when I’ve had a troubling or stressful day. I get the feeling he actually needs to “plug-in”, right in the crook of my neck, before he feels he can go to sleep. Such a comfort, and I’ve noticed I sleep deeper when my kitty surrounds me with such love. Now, as for the dogs! Oh my! I WISH one of them would sleep sweet, cuddly and compact right next to my face, instead they prefer to completely cover me with their bodies, flat out, and no consideration for things like……needing to breathe!

    In praise of small, cuddly dogs! (And the big clumsy ones too…I guess)


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