If I were King, Cops Would Not Be Allowed…

… to sit in the exact spot where the speed limit drops from 55 mph to 25 mph.

This is just a license to pick people off. And an excuse to generate revenue. So let’s just call a spade a spade and institute a “Contribute to the Town, County, State Over and Above Your Taxes” lottery. It’d be more fair in the long run. And just think of all the wasted time and annoyance this would save on everyone’s part.

(And, no, I was not the recipient of said “speeding” ticket. It was my 80 year old mother. :)

5 thoughts on “If I were King, Cops Would Not Be Allowed…”

  1. Therese, if that’s not the epitome of what I’m talking about?! I would have written a letter to the editor!

    Jenn, she was laughing at the cop. Which probably didn’t help… :)

  2. You know, sometimes I think they like to stop the older ladies. Years ago my Mom was stopped because she “was going too fast in a school zone.” Well, the thing is she had just been sitting at a red light before she was stopped. In the old clunker van she was driving there was absolutely no way for her to have gotten up to ‘speeding’ speed. That old van took forever to get going after a stop!

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