8 thoughts on “If I were King, Expiration Dates…”

  1. I like that idea–a king circle! The more the merrier. hehe. Oh, yeah, the power behind the throne thing… That could be a problem for all of us. Though I’d be happy to have you come and pick up my trash, and my doggies would be happy to play chase with your doggies. I dunno–maybe it could work. :)

  2. Amen. Maybe we should make a King circle.. once a year we could all vote for each other. I can’t be a King because then BooBoo would be the power behind the throne… then he will send me round to your houses to collect trash for him so he can explore it at his leisure, and I’ll have to pick up all your doggies so that they can play chase. Oh, and if you have any blankets, he will be more than happy to date them.

  3. I love knowing that there are some creative problem-solvers visiting here! Women after my own heart… LOL!

    And, Jan, I’m so glad to know you would vote for me. You know I would be a very fair and open-minded king. :)

  4. Yup. I’m with you. Or we could just stick my husband’s highly scientific method of merely sniffing the product, once opened, to see if it’s still “good.”

  5. HA! Agreed! My husband and I always seem to be in disagreement over how long is too long between the sell by date and actual use. After a food item has passed all of the tests listed above I go with the “here, you try it” test… With my husband being the one who tries it, of course!

  6. The slime and fuzz rule… we have that too! We also have the “sniff to see if you faint” rule, and the “it’s so hard it can be used as a hockey puck” rule. :)

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