I’m Famous ! or ?


Okay, so the “I’m Famous!” part might be a bit of hyperbole (5 Minutes for Mom provided the button content). But, there is actually an interview over there, so go ahead and mosey on over.

8 thoughts on “I’m Famous ! or ?”

  1. Therese, if I woke up with a shoe on the bed, the only thing that would tell me is that, sometime during the night, the Graidster has struck again! LOL!

  2. ywrfs! That cracks me up. I’ve done that before too, then I listened to an idea somebody gave me once. I can’t remember who it was but this person told me if I think of something in the middle of the night instead of trying to write in the dark that I should just put something out of place. Then when I get up in the morning I’ll see that something out of place and remember what it was I was thinking when I put it wherever I put it. HA! The only thing I ended up with in the morning is a shoe on my bed with no idea why it was. So much for that idea! I’ll go back to the ywrfs!

  3. Hey, Therese, I’m thinkin’, heck yeah, get yourself started! If you can write a blog, you can write a book. It’s the same kind of sustained daily writing.

    LOL Rory. I have one of those little gadgets that you just push a button up to record and down to shut off. It’s idiot proof–which is why I bought it.

    Thanks Jan. I love the “ywrfs”, etc. Too funny. How about those pages where you keep writing over the same spot on the page several times because you can’t see a blessed thing in the dark, only to wake up in the morning and find your brilliance layered in place and totally illegible! Oh the joys of having a creative mind!

  4. Good interview, Karen. We now know a little more about you. You deal with fame well. :>) I have kept a notebook by my bed for years for those brilliant falling asleep and waking up ideas. And I love the ones that read:
    ywrfs to shpelelp a & snsadekk.

    I know they were brilliant when I wrote them.

  5. A little tape recorder, of course! A dictaphone. Actually, I did think of that the other day, for some reason. Probably this very subject. Then, I just had images of me fumbling around in the glove box – while driving – getting the thing out, careening across the road, finding the play button, having the thing scoot out of my hands, me juggling, driving with just my knees…

  6. Hey wait a minute…I thought you were already famous ;)

    I haven’t written any books but I do get those perfect sentences in my head whether it’s for a blog post, letter I need to write, or content for my website. And yes…they do seem to come at times when writing them down is either an inconvenience or downright impossible. Hmmm…does that mean I should start on a book? ;) lol

  7. Someone? Wanting to diss litt’l ol’innocent me? Hoh! ;)

    And why is it the best, most completely written, most brilliant posts always happen while you’re driving? LOL.I’ve actually got one of those little tape recorders in the car–not for my blog so much as for my books. Sometimes, I get whole chapters in one fell swoop, and I’ll be darned if I’m going to lose those–especially when it’s a breakthrough in a block!

    Thanks for the show of support, Rory!

  8. Yay!

    They didn’t have a comment section over at your interview. I guess they didn’t want anyone dissing you ;)

    I’m right with your advice on a notebook. I have to take one everywhere. The worst is when I’m driving. You let the mind wonder, thinking about things, thinking about a blog post. You put great sentences together in your head – then I have to stop the car and write it down, just about slam the brakes on then and there because I’m petrified that when I do get a chance to stop, I’ll have forgotten the way I put it.

    Hmm, maybe I should relax…

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