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Awakening Inner Knowing

Welcome! In this section, you’ll find blog posts related to Inner Knowing and finding your Inner Teacher. Topics include learning how to pay attention in order to make perception shifts to become more awake, deepening our spirituality and connection to nature, as well as developing a strong connection and conversation with our Inner Teacher or Inner Knowing. These terms may be used interchangeably.

Use the right sidebar Articles Menu to find full-length articles and transcribed excerpts from Karen’s classes.

Then I’ll Be Happy

Many of us fall into the trap of believing happiness lies somewhere off in the future… When I get that promotion. When I find my true love.

We live in a culture that promotes this mindset, and it’s deeply ingrained in many of us. It’s part of the mistaken belief that gets promoted about how happiness lies in external achievements – wealth, relationships, fame, and recognition. It’s a belief that makes us think that changing our external circumstances will bring … Read More

Spiritual Guides vs Spiritual Scouts

As spiritual seekers, most of us feel that we can benefit from finding a good teacher. I’d agree. But which type of teacher is best for you? Do you look for a spiritual guide or a spiritual scout? Because they’re not the same.

Spiritual scouts don’t make good guides because they don’t really want to be with people. They don’t want to be held back by slow people and they’re not interested in staying with the group. They want to … Read More

Time Smells Different

Could you tell the time if you had no watch or cell phone?

Most of us would think, well sure, I could roughly guestimate the time from where the sun is in the sky.

But what about when it’s a cloudy day?

Our ancestors had the ability to take that one step further, not only by observing the sun’s path but also by using their sense of smell.

Yes, their sense of smell. And so can you with a little … Read More

The Journey Beyond Ego: A Path to Authentic Being

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Let me answer Mr. Shakespeare: “Quite a lot, actually.”

I remember back in college, this philosophy professor who could never get my name right. Drove me nuts. No matter how many times I corrected him, he continued to call me by this other name. Which, by the way, was a name I would never have wanted. I didn’t think it fit me … Read More

Signs, Signals, Omens: Interpreting the Language of the Universe

Signs, signals, and omens are the universe’s way of communicating with us. By paying attention and interpreting these messages, we can navigate life with greater awareness and insight. Whether it’s through a personal sign, a general trend, or a spiritual encounter with nature, these experiences remind us that we are not separate from the universe but a part of its intricate web.

Each carries its own weight and message, often guiding us through the unseen energy fields that connect all … Read More

How to Change From the Inside Out, Rather than the Outside In

Q: Why is it that we’ve advanced so far in scientific and technological knowledge and not so much in personal relationships and communities?

How far science has advanced is a subject for another day. As far as knowing ourselves goes, we’re trying to use knowledge to change our behavior from the outside in: use this app to track how many steps you take, use that app to meditate for five minutes, use another app to measure heart rate and breathing … Read More

Why Eastern Spirituality is Often a Struggle for Westerners

Q: In reading Master of Self-Realization by Shri Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj, I find that his answer to everything is that we are experiencing an illusion. We need to let go and just stop caring about whatever it is. That’s all there is to it. But for me, it’s not helpful to be told to just let go. What am I missing?

This is one of the reasons why Eastern spirituality can be tricky for Westerners. The Advaita Vedanta teachings do … Read More

Steps to Finding Your Inner Knowing

Q: What are the main points that need to be made in finding your inner knowing?

  1. Being connected to the source is a birthright that has been taken from us by cultural conditioning.
  2. Remembering is easy. Decide to remember.
  3. Pay attention as though your life depends on it. By paying attention, you will begin noticing much more and you will remember, “Oh, this is this connection. I feel as though I am communicating with what I am paying attention to.
Read More
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