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Awakening Inner Knowing

Welcome! In this section, you’ll find blog posts related to Inner Knowing and finding your Inner Teacher. Topics include learning how to pay attention in order to make perception shifts to become more awake, deepening our spirituality and connection to nature, as well as developing a strong connection and conversation with our Inner Teacher or Inner Knowing. These terms may be used interchangeably.

Use the right sidebar Articles Menu to find full-length articles and transcribed excerpts from Karen’s classes.

Should We Try to Resolve Thoughts in Meditation?

A few thousand years ago, back when the Buddha was alive—that was a very different world. There weren’t the distractions that there are today. Living back in that time, you were already much closer to being able to be in the now, because there was very little to distract from the now. 

There are different challenges now. The principles are what they are, and they still work. But the effort that’s required now is much greater. So it requires a Read More

Reality is a Point of View

The current world energy could be summed up as a “Do Not Enter” sign with its red outer circle and horizontal bar. But if you look with a shifted perspective, you can also see that the bar can also be viewed as a handle that can be used to push the door open.

Presently, many people are experiencing a kind of holding, where they don’t know how to proceed or believe they cannot proceed because they take at face value … Read More


The human mind equates emptiness with negative things—lack of meaning, hunger, deprivation—rather than what it truly is—freedom from pain, the beginning of a healing process, cleanliness, a space opened to be full of creativity or love or other positive experiences and emotions.

Because people are so afraid of emptiness, even when they release a negative emotion, once they feel the emptiness, the tendency is to fill it right back up with another negative emotion. I feel empty therefore I feel … Read More

Can Positive Thoughts Overcome Negative Thoughts?

Can it work that there are certain numbers of people in a community or around the world, who if they think good thoughts, they can overcome the destructive thoughts? 

On one plane, yes. But on the physical plane, destructive energy is a very dense energy that overtakes most things in its path. 

An angry person has a much greater chance of making other people around them angry than a happy person has of making people around them happy. Negative energy Read More

Setting Triggers vs Setting Conditions for Awakening

In pursuing a spiritual path, what do I need to do to have an awakening experience? I tried going to church but didn’t have the experience I was hoping for.

The way many people go about “pursuing” an awakening experience can actually backfire because they set up the experience as a goal. “My goal is to have an awakening experience.” It becomes the craving for the sensation, rather than understanding what an awakening experience is. 

That’s the difference between setting Read More

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