It’s the Simple Things…

I always find it interesting to see what Christmas presents wind up really sticking after the initial oohs and ahhs of unwrapping fade away.

Seems the ones that do it for me are always a combination of function and form. Something of utility that is beautiful to look at or just beautifully designed. Like these.

This is a little “Secret” Box– just 2″x3.” Great for stashing tiny treasures.


The lid is “hidden” in the top of the box and slides open like so.


And this tote… well, this is self-explanatory. : )

Carpenter Bad What turned out to be your most favorite gifts?

10 thoughts on “It’s the Simple Things…”

  1. We are on day 4 of fostering and it’s going well. Boy, I forgot how much work this puppy thing was!! LOL Crate training is coming along well. I’m starting off by putting the crate in the kitchen and putting him in there while I’m cooking. When he stops crying, I give him a little treat. I have never crate trained before, so I’m trying lol

  2. My daughters, in an attempt to be functional AND funny, bought me six pairs of reading glasses, so I can strew them all over the house and never be without them when I need them. Speaking of little boxes, I received a small Russian lacquer box with a snowy scene depicting a cabin in the woods. I love little boxes, always have. After that I would say my new food processor and my lovely pashmina are bringing me smiles every time I use them. Again, all gifts from my daughters.

  3. I will share pictures! I’m getting a foster puppy tomorrow. A 9 week old Lab from a kill shelter. Looks like the playpen will be getting some use! Give me a little practice before our baby arrives. :) The Family is getting pretty excited!

  4. My Kitchenaid Stand Mixer! BTW Karen, we should be getting our new furbaby in March. I went out and bought a baby playpen to keep the fuzzybutt in while Jordy & Bandit get used to the idea. I seen it in a picture of Wink when he was a puppy. I talked to the breeder today and told her about it and she thought it was a brilliant idea. I did not take credit lol but told her I seen it online. So Thank You!!

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