…Make sure, with all future book contracts, to specify that if I write a book about my dogs, and the publisher is going to put a picture of a dog on the cover, then it’s my dog’s picture that will be used. Not a generic stock photo of a dog that not only is not one of the breeds I’m writing about, but has absolutely no connection to the story.

Dogs of Dreamtime is coming out in paperback in April. Lyons decided to “update” the cover. Here’s what they came up with.

>Paperback Cover

Cute Lab mix, don’t you think? Imagine the readers’ surprise when they open the book to find out there’s nary a Lab mix to be found! That would be because it’s a book about my two Australian Shepherds and my English Shepherd mix.

Marketing department, what the heck were you thinking? If you were going to use a stock photo, why wouldn’t you have used an Aussie? Or did you not even bother to crack the cover to see what the book was about?! And, if you had a book that sold well enough to go to paperback, what would possess you to change an original cover design that worked?

Welcome to my writing world. Only one of dozens of wondrous publishing stories I could share with you… Sigh. Off to go take Kiera for a walk.