Our Third Dog


We got a new dog about three months ago. He’s six months old now. Isn’t he gorgeous?

What? You think he looks like a cat?

Rub those eyes one more time, please, because I’m telling you Finnegan is a dog — through and through. So what that Mother Nature screwed up and put him in a cat’s body; he knows he was meant to be a dog, shoulda been a dog, is a dog in his own mind.

He follows Cait around wherever she goes. When she sits, he likes to lie at her feet. He plays a good game of fetch. When he plays rough-and-tumble with the dogs, he usually wins. He turns his nose up […]

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Cesar Millan

Okay, I have to say it. I don’t like Cesar Millan’s training methods. He’s set dog training back about 20 years.

The Alpha Roll?! Come on, really. And I don’t know of any good trainer who would EVER say, “Don’t try this at home.” Then what’s the point, I ask you? Showmanship, ego, and money. That’s the point.

It’s not that Millan is wholly without merit. There are some training techniques that even Millan doesn’t have to turn into an aggressive “Me Leader–You Lower Than Dog Poop” show. But, on the whole, I find this man painful to watch. And I almost always feel very sorry for the dog.

There are several world-caliber trainers who run circles around […]

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The Coyotes

From the Mail Bag: I’d love to hear more about your coyotes, S.B., a reader writes in. She goes on to ask: Have you always had them nearby? When did you start having the coyote dreams? Have they taken over your area or are they remaining a stable population? I am fascinated by the relationship you and Kiera have with them!

Dear S.B.: The first time I heard or saw them was the night I was looking at Magic’s picture on the web. That was six years ago now. There had been rumors on our road of coyotes killing cats, though no one had actually seen one at that point (and I suspect the […]

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If I were King, Gas Stations…

…would not be allowed to use 9/10 of a cent. For instance, a gallon of gas would be a straight $2.53, and not $2.53+9/10 of a cent. (Another reason not to live in NY state is the high taxes.) Where else on the planet does anybody, anywhere, use 9/10 of a cent?

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