kiera1.jpg This is my beloved Kiera. The original. She was tall and lanky for a Sheltie, and was often mistaken for a Miniature Collie. She had a grace, intelligence, and serenity about her that drew people to her like a magnet.

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End of an Era

endoferadrybr1.jpg Along with my stepson, Colin (the other handy person in our family), I built this swing-set for Cait several years ago. I sketched the plan, figured out the lumber list, got the materials home, and Colin and I had the whole thing built in a day. Andrew, who isn’t especially handy with tools, and Cait, who was four at the time, were very helpful go-fers. It has stood in sturdy stead all these years.

We built it because Cait had inherited my love of swinging. When I was a young kid, I think the repetitive motion induced a kind of meditative state for me; I could swing for hours, and often did. […]

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My Essential Gardening Tools

gardentools1.jpg I can pretty much do every gardening task I have with just these few tools: 1 EZ-Digger, 1 pair of good gloves, 1 Garden Scooter, and 1 pair Muck Boots. I like to keep it simple; no fuss, no muss. Okay, maybe 1 pair of good clippers or a pocket knife does come in handy every now and then.

I use the EZ-Digger in place of 10 other tools. Mine is a little chewed on the end of the handle (along with the backs of my Muck boots) — a few of Magic’s many teething toys from when he was a puppy. Every time I use them, I think of […]

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Everybody’s Got Something to Say

How it is possible that I’ve wound up with three very opinionated animals?

Andrew tells me to go look in the mirror.

Ha ha, I tell him in return.

Really, it must be something in the drinking water. Because, truth be told, everyone in this household has something to say.

Graidy, my BC mix, says, while balancing on the back of the couch, circus-dog style, There’s somebody going by out front! Sound the alarm! Where’s Kiera?! Kiera, come on, let’s go–we gotta help move ’em along! I’ll do the barking stuff. You do your ‘Moving along’ herding stuff. Oh what a team! What a team! Life is good! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Kiera, my Aussie, says to me in her shrill, I-can’t-believe-I’ve-got-to-round-him-up-one-more-time voice, Thanks mom! […]

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Pig-Pen Meets The Blob

As I try to make my way from one place in the house to another, I now have three animals (instead of the usual two) swirling about my feet. I am reminded of Pig-Pen’s dust clouds (of Charlie Brown fame). Only, while Pig-Pen could move nonchalantly along, unimpeded by his clouds, I must take every step with care so as not to trip over my living eddies.

I’ve learned to shuffle my feet since Finnegan has arrived, because he likes to do figure-8’s through my legs with each step. Graidy likes to walk right in front of me and look back to make sure I’m still coming, lest I get it in my head to suddenly go Poof! and […]

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My Writing Room

writingroom.JPG Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the cool weather and the easing of outdoor chores. I love the light play of the sun on brilliantly colored foliage. I love the crisp smell in the air. There’s a quickening about this time of year that always stirs me. I don’t know why, but Fall also reminds me of my father. Maybe because it was his favorite time of year too.

Today, I had to be inside for the morning to talk to some mentoring clients by phone, but I’ve been able to spend the rest of the day outside. After my gardening and yard chores were done, […]

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