Going Convertible

Funny the memories that stick with you from childhood… This one’s been tucked away since I was a little girl. I’m riding in the back seat of a convertible. My hair is flying back and whipping around, slapping my face. The concussion of the wind makes my eyes squint and water, and tickles my eardrums. I can’t see the car, or even who’s driving. And I have no recollection of where we went. I do remember the feeling of the smile on my face and the sensation of being filled to bursting with sheer exhilaration.

Fast forward about forty years.

Being the safety-conscious nut that I’ve become, I’ve never owned a convertible. My nod to the joy of wind has been Sun […]

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The other context for “Finding Kiera”

From the Mail Bag: M.M. wrote, I experienced your search for Kiera as very single-minded and focused–bordering on obsessive (and definitely annoying to me). It seemed to me that you were too caught up in “looking for something to fill a need (for Kiera) rather than for someone to help.”

Dear M.M.: I can see why you’d view my search for Kiera that way, but let me anthropomorphize for a minute to better illustrate how I experienced it. Let’s say you had a child leave home for parts unknown (Kiera’s death) and you thought you’d never see that child again. Then, one day, that child calls you up on the phone (in this case, as you know, the call is the […]

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If I were King, Plastic Car Bumpers…

…would only be found on plastic car toys. Does anybody else besides me remember when car bumpers were actually functional? Way back when, they were made out of chrome and a tough rubber that didn’t scratch or crease with the slightest pressure. They were attached to the car body with shock absorbers that actually compressed and released on impact–in other words, they worked. If you bumped something going 5 mph, it would spring right back–no damage done. That same 5 mph today will cost you a few hundred dollars if you’re lucky, and the cost of an entire bumper replacement if you’re not. You see, plastic just wasn’t meant to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. (Okay, so I’m […]

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