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The Slippers Tell All

shoes1.jpg You’re thinking those are funny looking slippers, I know. And you’re wondering what a pile of random shoes has to do with telling anything. In our house, this would tell you how many people have been here today.

And what do mismatched shoes strewn about have to do with people entering your home, you might muse. When Graidy gets excited, his natural inclination is to gently grab your hand and lead you into the kitchen. To curb that tendency, I’ve … Read More

Riding to Nowhere

Graidy and I are in the car riding to nowhere. As we breeze down the road, I think about how it was we got here.

Anyone who’s had a rescue dog before knows to expect that there may be little quirks that show up here and there. Graidy is no exception. Graidy’s early life was a difficult one. He was found as a starving street stray in a New Jersey city. Even though all’s been well since he’s come to … Read More

What My Herding Dogs Have Taught Me

I was recently asked by an interviewer what I’ve learned from my dogs. Since he was referring to Dogs of Dreamtime, he was specifically asking about Kiera, Magic, and Molly.

To put into context some of what I’ve learned from my animals, it helps to know that, left to my own devices, I gravitate toward intense herding breeds. Kiera is an Australian Shepherd. Graidy is a Border Collie mix. Magic was an English Shepherd mix, who died from Lyme … Read More

Saved by My Dogs

I was in the middle of a really frustrating dream in which I had an important meeting to get to and this well-meaning but bothersome person was causing me more and more problems. Just as I was about to lose it, a big, wet, dog tongue came into the dream and slurped my face. Then another. And another. Until, in the dream, I was laughing so hard that I woke myself up.

Both Kiera and Graidy were huddled on top … Read More

A Beautiful Sight

Border Collie

What’s so beautiful about a dog eating, you might wonder.

What you can’t see, is that Kiera has already finished, while Graidy continues to eat.

What’s the big deal about that, you might ask.

When I first met Graidy, he was a sack of bones. And that was after he’d been eating well in rescue for more than a month! I can’t imagine how emaciated, how close to death, he was when he was first found as a city street … Read More

What? Do You Guys Think You Live in a Barn?

This morning, Graidy was annoying Kiera, as he often does — he’s a playful goofball and she’s always on the job — so she took matters into her own hands. She pawed open the sliding glass door, and Graidy dashed out to see if there was anything fun outside to bark at. (He’s also easily amused). Okay, maybe that’s not so unusual, since I’ve previously told you that Kiera can open nearly every door in this house. But then she … Read More

I’m Thinking Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

The garden is lush with all the rain and warming temps. It looks like it’s going to be a bountiful season. We already have lots of lettuce and herbs, peas and beans, kale and broccoli, and of course all the June berries.

Looking for a quick something for dessert this evening, I came back with these. I was thinking a nice strawberry rhubarb crisp would be refreshing.

strawberries in a basket

But Graidy was thinking fresh strawberries… … Read More

Do You Have a Sentry Dog?

Graidy is my Border Collie mix. I brought him home from Rescue going on 9 years ago. If you were to watch him run and play, you’d swear he was still a puppy–he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Yep, we’re talking high energy, perpetual motion machine!

Given his breed and his native sensitivity–he’s more highly tuned than the most finely calibrated motion detector–he’s constantly on Red Alert! Nothing escapes his vigilant gaze. And I do mean NOTHING.

Whether it’s … Read More

The Difference Between Herding Dogs and Field Dogs

Kiera is 100% Australian Shepherd. She’s a herding dog through and through. All of her instincts are to stay close to her flock and protect, while looking for guidance and direction from her team-mate (me). I got Graidy from a Border Collie Rescue group. They thought he was a BC mix. He sure has the breed’s extremely high energy. But the only thing he herds are birds. Oh, and planes. And helicopters. In other words, anything moving up in the … Read More

Birds of a Feather

Yes, time flies — and those of us, ahem, over a certain age know exactly just how fast. Seems every time I turn around another one of my animals has just turned another year older. Just this week Finnegan and Wink have traveled around the sun one more time.

maine coon catFinnegan is 6 years old now — the longest I’ve had a cat live. ¬†He tells me he’s going to live to be 16. I’m choosing to take him at his … Read More

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