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I’m glad you’ve landed here. My life’s work is helping others to connect with their own inner knowing and to assist others in having their own awakening experiences.

Spirituality isn’t something that can be confined to any specific religion or faith. Rather it’s a universal essence that permeates the whole of our existence.  One of the unique aspects of my approach is the ability to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the practical. This comes through a blending of ancient wisdom with modern insights.

Wherever you are with your spiritual exploration, you’ll find resources to provide you with real support, as well as the tools needed to cultivate your spiritual growth and enhance your overall sense of well-being. You’ll find discussions on a wide variety of topics, like meditation, personal growth, connection to the natural world, dual vs non-dual (short answer–it doesn’t matter), intuition, the power of intention, and more, that all aim to provide practical guidance on incorporating spirituality into our daily lives

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I was born remembering.

I came in knowing there’s much more to life than what we experience through our ordinary senses. Knowing we’re connected to everything. Knowing that within that connection, there’s an ever-present source available to help guide us, to help reconnect us to the All-That-Is.

I believe we all arrive here remembering on some level. But almost immediately, the collective conditioning of cultural, educational, and religious norms impose their versions of truth on us. And with thousands of years of precedence behind them, the pull of these gravitational forces becomes all-powerful in the determination and arbitration of our agreed-upon reality.

My aim is to help pull you out of that tractor beam so you can remember more fully again, too.

~Karen Shanley

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