Saner Gun Laws – What You Can Do to Help

Since 2013, there have been nearly 300 school shootings in America — an average of about one a week.

Had enough? I have. I am so bleepin tired of empty presidential platitudes and all those well-meaning prayers that have never brought back a dead kid or prevented more attacks. Ask any parent who’s lost a child, or any child who’s lost a sibling to gun violence what they think about that. Sadly, I am close to people in both those categories.

There is no sane reason on the planet why ANYONE should be allowed to own ASSAULT rifles, or be able to purchase a gun without a background check. There are many gun laws that are more than fair and reasonable that need to be passed. Like this one. All of us need to step up and put the pressure on uor politicians.

We can take action. Write or call your congressman or woman. Learn about what you can do to make your voice heard.

And anyone who thinks otherwise or can justify this on any level, needs to get help now. Oh, and yeah, I’ll pray for you…

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