The Best Presents…

The presents I love most always come free and unattached to any Hallmark holiday. This little gift of peonies are fresh cut from my garden and the smell is heavenly. Which is interesting. Because I’m allergic to perfume. But not to the incredible scent of these beauties. But this bouquet is especially special to me because it carries a secret message.

peonies in vase

Did you spot it?

Cait is always leaving me little notes expressing her love for me. I’ll often sit down to my computer to open up some work only to find a short (and always colorful) love note from her. Or a quick text message. Or a paper stuck in the  ever growing pile on my desk. They always blast my heart wide open.

But this little treasure that greeted me as I sat down to have my first cup of coffe couldn’t be more perfect in its simplicity and delivery.

I hope you, too, have someone in your life who regularly reminds you of how much you are loved.

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