The Piano Concerto

It is both brilliant and amiable,


especially in the slow movement;


a clear second theme contrasts with the first theme and a brief closing theme,


and is so completely easy to understand


that even the commoners looked on with appreciation…

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13 thoughts on “The Piano Concerto”

  1. FUNNY! We have one of these musically talented cats. He likes to go up and down the keyboard (usually at 3 a.m.!)

    His name is Mowana. We call him “Mo” for short. But sometimes we refer to him as “Mo-zart.” ;)

    Found you through the Carnival of Family Life. :)

  2. WOOO-WEEE!! That’s one chubby cat! :) But then so is Pavarotti, and they seem to be equally talented.

  3. Heehee. Very cute pets. I don’t have a piano for my kitty. Perhaps I am letting a great talent go untapped. Hmmmm.

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