There’s a meme going around called the z-list. (The original list was for techie and marketing blogs). I thought it would be great to start our own z-list meme for the dog blogs/personal blogs we enjoy reading. The idea is to give exposure (and link-love) to worthy blogs that, perhaps by the nature of their subject, aren’t getting their proper due. There are a lot of really wonderful blogs out there with some first-rate writing and content that deserve a wider readership. So let’s share the list of blogs we love, and pass them on.

Below are the meme instructions:

Create a post on your blog, and then CUT AND PASTE this post with the instructions and the list I have below, and then ADD any blogs you think are terrific and send them some link-love. You can add one blog, or a hundred (or none if you simply want to repost the same list), but the idea is to find those great blogs that, for whatever reason, haven’t been getting their due.

Then, after you leave your post, the next blogger will do the same thing — cut, paste, add, and repost.

The end result is that many great blogs will get a ton of extra exposure, we’ll all find some great new blogs to add to our reading list, and you’ll get mucho good karma points for helping out your fellow bloggers!

Here’s my list (Cut and paste to your blog, and add as few or many blogs as you like):

BooBoo, Ginga and the World of Dogs

For the Love of Labradors

My Life as a Writer, Mom, and Dog Nut

PetSit USA

Pappy’s Dog Blog

Motherhood in Alaska


The Poodle (and Dog) Blog

Open Book

Biz and Buzz