You might have noticed that I have a spiffy new button on my sidebar. Michelle from Scribbit: A Blog About Motherhood in Alaska honored me with it, saying that she selected me because “she (meaning me) thinks about words and is a good writer.” Those words are high praise. Thanks Michelle.

Which brings up something else I’ve been thinking about… Maybe you’ve noticed that some blogs are great with adding photos or images to go with nearly every post. I must admit, I enjoy seeing all those photos; they’re always great additions. But I often don’t think to add photos to my own posts. And I even got a new camera to help inspire me (to be reviewed in an upcoming post).

I think it’s because words are my primary medium. It’s my job as a writer to help spark my readers’ imagination so they can create their own images in their own minds. I don’t feel that I’ve done a good job unless I’m fairly certain that my painting pictures with words has you feeling that you’re a fly on the wall when I’m talking with Cait, or getting into high jinks with my furry four-footeds.

I guess that’s a long-winded way of saying, I’ll be trying to remember to add more photos, but there will always be some posts where I’ll be wanting you to sit back and imagine yourself as that fly on the wall… :)

Now, back to the thinking blog award. When Michelle was honored with the award, she turned right around and shared it with a few blogs she thought fit the criteria. Also wanting to foster the spirit of passing it forward, I was thinking about how the heck I could pick only a few people on whom to bestow this award — when the only blogs I read are by people who think; that’s my first requirement.

So even though I’d be inclined to pass this on to all the blogs I read, I’ve narrowed it down to a couple that really are about deep thinking on a regular basis. So, without further ado, I nominate: Rory at Hamelife because he thinks about how to be the best parent he can be; and Linda over at Everyone Needs Therapy, because she thinks about why people do what they do.