Wanderings — Building Paper Airplanes

Cait and I are bored. We go through our usual craft stuff, try a little origami, and decide we’d rather build paper airplanes.

Here are some great instructions for planes that fly really straight and really far.


8 thoughts on “Wanderings — Building Paper Airplanes”

  1. Barb, Cait loved the girly paper too. : )

    I know, Rory, isn’t it amazing how far these things fly?! I never would have guessed with that tucked back nose. I don’t know who had more fun–me or Cait.

  2. Review: Joseph Palmer’s Paper Plane Instructions.

    They make a brilliant paper plane! The key is definitely in not pressing the creases down too hard. But, I’ll tell you, that baby flies and flies.

    Now, all I’ve got to do is buy a bigger house. The walls kept getting in the way.

    When I started folding up the paper, Beth was saying, “Don’t make it,” but I persevered anyway. Once it was finished and sent on its maiden voyage, she was all giggles and squeals and, “My turn! My turn!” But she had to wrestle it off her Mum and Dad.

    Imagine the fun we had saying, “Hold it nearer the nose.”

    What am I doing writing all this here? I’ve got a whole post’s worth…

  3. My kids have been into paper airplanes lately having seen an old episode of Popular Mechanics for Kids on airplanes. I hadn’t thought about using origami paper so that my daughter can have a “pretty” one, and so all three can tell theirs apart. Gotta go get me some! I’m sharing the link as well. :D

  4. I always liked the ones that flew in a circle and landed close to where I had thrown it from. Now I always make planes from the paper that chopsticks in restaurants are wrapped in.

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