Wanderings — Protect Your Privacy

Did you know that someone can type your name into an online directory and get your phone number (even if it’s unlisted) and a map that gives exact directions to your house?

Privacy is dying a rapid death. But there are a few steps you can take to slow down its demise. Getting educated, while depressing, can help arm you with the information you need to get your information removed from many internet directories.

Go to DO NOT CALL get your name removed from online address and telephone finders.

Here is a great article on what and where the real internet threats to your privacy are, and what you can do about it.

5 thoughts on “Wanderings — Protect Your Privacy”

  1. This is really frightening. I am grappling with just closing down my blog for this reason. The lurking and search engines bothers me. I have bookmarked this site. Thanks.

    Jenny, the neighbor down the road can look up this information. Unless you have both your first and last name on your blog, no one can track down personal information. So just make sure you don’t have your last name anywhere on the internet. 

  2. That is scary. I definitely need to change that, considering the work I’m doing. Yikes! A map to my house. That is truly terrifying.

    It really creeps me out! 

  3. The Internet is an amazing resource but in some cases it gives people too much access. Scary at times!

  4. I agree it’s scary.. Put your name into Zabasearch.com and see what comes up…

    Zabasearch is one of the ones that will not take your information out of their database too. Gotta love it…! 

  5. We were just discussing this. I took a picture for my blog and Nathan said I shouldn’t use it. In the background was our street sign the size of a speck. But any freak, like maybe The Pink Panther, could zoom in and read that sign. I’m the type who has trouble worrying about stuff like this. Luckily, Nathan and now you keep me on my toes!

    If you have Photoshop, you can blur out all that kind of information. I hate worrying about this stuff too, but I’ve been given reason to. Being somewhat of a public person, I’d had a few uncomfortable encounters with “fans” that have left me a tad wary. The technology of our modern world — a blessing and a curse.

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