What’s Wrong With This Picture?

snoballer.jpg Do you remember those “What’s wrong with this picture” pages in the Highlights Magazine? You know the ones where you have to find things in the picture that don’t belong and circle them? If you didn’t get the magazine as a kid, I’m sure you’ve seen them at the doctor’s office.

That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw The Sno-Baller® in the Plow and Hearth catalog. What’s wrong with this picture? And then I though, What’s wrong with the person who invented this contraption?!

I’m guessing whoever it was, was either never a kid, or absolutely was never a kid who grew up with snow.

No self-respecting kid in my neighborhood would have been seen with this sissy toy. A snow ball maker?! HA! Said owner of such contraption would have been pummeled with 50 snow balls of the hand-made variety — for heft and weight — before he even had a chance to form one perfect dainty little snow ball with this thing.

A main selling feature is touted as being that kids’ gloves will stay drier and hands warmer. This is another tipoff that an android and not a human invented this.

Did you ever worry about your gloves getting wet?

Did you even wear gloves?

I rest my case.

15 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. I’m glad that you explained the picture because i had NO idea what that things was.

    And no, I don’t/didn’t wear gloves. Didn’t make snowballs save for a couple of “trips to the snow,” as they are called around here. It doesn’t snow in Lodi. We get white Christmases in the form of thick tule fog that blankets the valley for days on end. I don’t do snow. :-] Have never driven in it. Wouldn’t even know how to start.

  2. That is a sissy toy! haha. Also, I loved that feature in the Highlights magazine. I read that thing like it held the secrets to life.

  3. That snowball maker really makes me miss running outside without coat or gloves, grandmother yelling at me through the front door that I’ll catch cold, diving into 3 feet of snow and making snow angels. Forget wet gloves; Wet everything was all too probable. And I was FINE with it.
    Then again, most kids today (at least the ones here in Texas) are NEVER outside anymore. I don’t understand it.

  4. Do today’s kids even get cold hands? With all the space-age fabrics available, I doubt it. Wen I was a kid (man, I swore I’d never use that phrase, but I seem to do so, more and more), we had woolen mittens. Those things were icy and stiff after a few snowballs, but we didn’t care.

    Lynn Sinclair’s last blog post..Warning: This Post is Not About Animals

  5. Jay, writer MemberSpeed.com

    It does sound a little dainty but there might be kids out there who enjoy playing with this toy. It’s like how little girls play house and how those old clay doh contraptions are. of course, in a snowball fight, using such a contraption will automatically make you lose.

  6. Hilarious! I can see using that as a watermelon scooper. If you had really a lot of watermelons, you could make a cool centerpiece for a buffet.

  7. Oops, I thought I left a comment early this morning.I have got to get more sleep.

    No, we did not need anything like this. Really though, in red those really look X-rated; and no pun intended.

  8. I have to say, there was a point in my endless youthful snowball throwing where my hands were numb and beginning to swell or blacken. At that point one of these things would have been handy for emergency use to help me ward off the snowball throwers coming after me in my debilitated state. I could have thrown the snowballer at them.

  9. Even with the 2 days of snow we get a year I know a good snowball has to be big enough to do damage. Sheesh. That must be for old people to make snowballs with? Or people who can’t feel their fingers? I don’t know- it’s pretty funny though.

    Simply Jenn’s last blog post..As much as health care sucks these days,

  10. It looks like something you MIGHT use in the kitchen I can’t imagine a kid having time to mess with it making snowballs or meatballs.


  11. hehe I expect something like this to be sold in Williams and Sonoma attached to a bag of snowflake shaped gourmet marshmellows!

  12. ffffttt…that is too much.. how are you supposed to REALLY pack that snow into hard icy chuncks with that thing…

    Please.. dry gloves? You only knew when to come in from outside when your fingertips turned white..

  13. Caffienated Cowgirl

    You know I saw this recently and thought the same thing! Apparently this is for those rich city kids that never wanted to get their hands dirty or be cold :)

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