The Coyotes

From the Mail Bag: I’d love to hear more about your coyotes, S.B., a reader writes in. She goes on to ask: Have you always had them nearby? When did you start having the coyote dreams? Have they taken over your area or are they remaining a stable population? I am fascinated by the relationship you and Kiera have with them!

Dear S.B.: The first time I heard or saw them was the night I was looking at Magic’s picture on the web. That was six years ago now. There had been rumors on our road of coyotes killing cats, though no one had actually seen one at that point (and I suspect the […]

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If I were King, Gas Stations…

…would not be allowed to use 9/10 of a cent. For instance, a gallon of gas would be a straight $2.53, and not $2.53+9/10 of a cent. (Another reason not to live in NY state is the high taxes.) Where else on the planet does anybody, anywhere, use 9/10 of a cent?