A Simple Meditation for Young Children

Parent and child meditatingDon’t we all wish we’d learned how to meditate when we were young? All adult meditators would agree. And yet how many meditating parents still haven’t found the time or the way to start with their young children.

The secret to success: Keep it Short. Keep it Simple. Keep it Fun.

Following is a simple and easy way to get started. But first, a few tips. Keep the language and imagery simple. Stay away from loaded words. Keep the meditation times short. You should participate in doing this exercise with your child. If there are others around who know how to meditate that the child likes, try to include them as […]

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What Does It Mean When I See Repeating Numbers?

I recently got asked, “Why do I keep seeing repeating numbers? Does it have a spiritual meaning?” In this case, this person was seeing the same time on the clock every day at 1:11, 3:33, and 4:44 day and night.

iphone screenI have to laugh, because—case in point—when I went to check her text for her numbers series, this was on my phone home screen. This is a well-documented synchronicity phenomenon that I’ll explain in a moment.

It’s just that some people will try to tell you these sequences or series of repeating numbers do have great spiritual significance and are “angel numbers.”

While I’m all about the spiritual, in this instance when there are […]

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Three Key Components to Finding the Inner Teacher

There are three key components to finding the inner teacher. It is truly this simple. Stop. Look. Listen.

The stopping is stopping the craziness of modern life. Stopping habits that keep you trapped in behaviors that you know are nothing but time wasters. Stop using your phones as a pacifier. Stop running around looking externally for the outer world to fulfill you in any lasting way. Stop hectic lifestyles.

Part of the stopping includes beginning the process of meditation, which will help calm the body and the mind. Because stopping for most people, if they were to stop all at once, would be the equivalent of crashing into a wall at 60 miles an hour.

Looking is becoming observant and noticing. Spending time […]

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What Is the Importance of Nature to Reconnect with the Inner Teacher?

This conversation came out of discussing The Inner Life of Trees and Finding the Mother Tree.

Q: I’ve been thinking about trees and their ability to communicate with each other and to help each other and I was wondering if their consciousness is greater than ours?

What they have kept in their evolutionary process is a groupthink, a oneness that humans have lost. We used to have it and that was where there used to be telepathic communication and the ability to communicate with each other at great distances and to be able to learn things by osmosis because it was also being learned somewhere else.

We know that this can still be true in theory; […]

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You Are Not Your Story

From the time we take on language, our ability to see things clearly for what they are, as they are in real-time, is impacted by perception and memory.

Both have been culturally influenced, so cannot be fully relied on to reveal any great truths. You must look past your story; the story of who you’ve been told you are by parents, teachers, clergy, friends, culture. You must look past the memories because memories are inherently inaccurate.

They are stored perceptions of an event that is immediately filtered through how we want to see ourselves, how we feel about the situation, what else is influencing that moment in time—all influences the story we tell ourselves about that moment that gets stored as a […]

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Definition of Crazy — Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting Different Results

Q: I’m feeling stuck in old patterns.

A: Work to try to shake yourself out of the habits that are preventing you from changing, from getting to where you want to go. For example, don’t start the day at the computer. Start it outside going for a walk, or exercising, or reading.

Q: I know, I’ve made my energy and my life very small. But it feels manageable. Making it bigger feels like just adding more to the to-do list.

A: I’m not talking about adding more busywork. This is about choosing something in the moment that will help you feel more alive and present; something that will give you a lift instead of drag you down, distract you, or numb you.

Q: Even […]

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A Name is the First Spell

We are born in a state of oneness—still aware of our pure connection with a greater knowing, a greater beingness and the all-that-is. But as soon as we are taught language, we begin being taught how to forget.

How is that possible? Let’s use the word “tree,” which is a language symbol for the image symbol for the thing itself. We’ve instantly been twice removed from pure reality. Much gets lost in the translation.

Each time we are indoctrinated into another “system” —cultural, religious, educational, etc.—we get more filters placed over our direct connection to knowing.

Think of these accumulated filters as glasses that start out clear, and over time begin gradually darkening, until they become very, very, very dark sunglasses. Whereas at […]

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