What Are the Main Points To Finding Your Inner Teacher?

What are the main points that need to be made in finding your inner teacher? 

  1. Being connected to the source is a birthright that has been taken from us by cultural conditioning. 
  2. Remembering is easy. Decide to remember.  
  3. Pay attention as though your life depends on it. By paying attention, you will begin noticing much more and you will remember, “Oh, this is this connection. I feel as though I am communicating with what I am paying attention to.” There
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The “Getting Ready to Get Ready” Stage

I keep having this feeling that I’m ready to make a big change. But at the same time feeling that I’m not really ready.

That’s the “Getting ready to get ready” stage.

Yeah, and what’s that about? Because everybody is going to want to know how do I get ready as quickly as possible?

It’s a pacing step that’s necessary because when you have those kinds of massive jumps that are life-changing (I call them jumps to hyperspace), you can’t … Read more

Is Confidence Needed to Connect with the Inner Teacher?

For someone to be able to make use of the inner teacher, do they have to have a certain degree of confidence in knowing that what they’re getting is from the inner teacher?

What builds that confidence is validation over time—it requires duration plus positive experience with the inner teacher. It’s like anything else, you’re building a muscle. But this is a very different kind of muscle because it’s invisible and the results are, to a degree, intangible. It’s not … Read more

There is no better time, there is no better place. There is only here and now–so get hopping.

Q: So, you’re saying to stop trying to game the system. Play it straight up. Here and now. That will make for a pretty big change after a lifetime of trying to see up ahead, around corners.

And where has that gotten you?

Q: That’s what fear and worry do though. When you feel that you have to watch out for everyone else and yourself–that’s a lot of responsibility. That’s a lot of moving parts. That’s a lot of things Read more

Do We Have Free Will?

Do we, as humans, have free will? 

As humans, no. 

Then why is it that we feel like we need to make decisions? 

Because humans are the smallest part of consciousness. The unmanifest creates the human, which becomes the manifest. Once it has been manifested, the journey has been set for the duration. 

Did the universe create everything at once? 

No, the unmanifest created the universe. In the creation of the universe, everything was set for the duration. 

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Remembering What We Have Forgotten

Do all people have the experience of trying to remember the connection of awareness that they’ve forgotten something, but they don’t remember what it is they’ve forgotten?

All people on a spiritual path do. The way they experience it is as a kind of deep-set loneliness that can live well below consciousness. Somebody may not be thinking every day, “Gosh, I’m so lonely” but there’s a feeling of being disconnected from everything that’s common to a lot of people. 

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