What is Inner Knowing

In this section, you’ll find blog posts related to “Inner Knowing” and How to Find Your Inner Teacher. Topics include learning how to pay attention in order to make perception shifts to become more awake, deepening our spirituality and connection to nature, as well as developing a strong connection and conversation with our Inner Teacher or Inner Knowing. These terms may be used interchangeably.

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Is There Progress in Karma?

Most people think of karma as a spiritual principle of cause and effect/punishment and reward. This view holds that the sum of a person’s previous and current actions determines their fate in the future. For example, if someone committed bad deeds in a previous life, they would be punished for those past misdeeds in this life. If you are a good person in this life, you would be rewarded in your next life.

From a non-punitive view, karma is what … Read more

Do You Need a Spiritual Teacher to Reach Enlightenment?

Q: There is an ongoing debate as to whether spiritual seekers need teachers to reach enlightenment, or whether they can find the way on their own. What do you think?

I’ll give the short answer first and then go into a more full explanation. The answer is no, you can’t reach enlightenment without a teacher. Absolutely all people who have reached full permanent enlightenment had a teacher of some kind. Whether that teacher was a stranger they met on the … Read more

How to Practice Walking with Awareness in Nature to Heighten Senses

Walking with Awareness in Nature vs a Walking Meditation

There are several types of walking meditations and all of them offer valuable benefits. The more common ones instruct you to focus on the breath, and/or repeat a mantra and/or be aware of each step as you pick up your foot and put it down, or to pay attention to the present moment, etc. What they all share is some kind of focused attention to help you practice staying fully present … Read more

What’s One Change I Can Make Right Now that Will Change My Life the Fastest?

Q: If somebody asked you, what’s one change I can make right now that will change my life the fastest, what can I do? What would you say?

At the top of the list of changes that can impact your life immediately is to have no contact with media of any kind. Outside of work, use no technology. That means no TV. No Internet. No computers, tablets, or cell phones. No emails. No texts. Put a stop to all of … Read more

Why is There Suffering?

Q: Why is there suffering? And why do nondualists say it’s all in our heads?

Let’s consider the second part of your question first. Putting it as simply as I can, the nondualist perspective is that what we call reality is nothing more than a reflection. No different than the watching of a film. You can watch the film on the screen, and get so absorbed, that you’ll have emotional and physiological responses, but the movie isn’t real. So, therefore, … Read more

Confusing Magical Thinking with Spiritual Practice

Q: When I was in the dentist chair, to get away from the discomfort, I tried to put myself up to the ceiling and detach. I imagined myself looking down at my body so I would feel less distressed. This didn’t work all that well.

Had you practiced and been successful at doing that before?

Q: No, not really.

If you’ve never left your body before, it’s not likely you would be able to leave your body in a moment … Read more

Everything is Not Suffering

Q: In my reading lately, it seems that most Eastern philosophies and religions keep pushing the point that everything is suffering. Do you agree?

I need to get you guys to start reading other books besides Buddhism, and Hinduism! Trying to translate the Eastern nondual view for the Western mind creates so many challenges, including the need for an entirely different vocabulary, and framework for seeing the world.

Even though I’m going to be accused of speaking out of both … Read more

Why Didn’t You Tell Me?

Q: Why didn’t you tell me up front that this spiritual path is hard? 

Would it have changed your mind? 

Q:  No. 

True. So, why waste energy when your mind was already made up? 

Q:  I would have known more about what to expect—I would have been better prepared. 

Life and actions prepare—not anticipation, worry, or fear. Life is both easy and hard no matter what path you take. Determination and heart are what make the difference. So, wholeheartedly embrace Read more

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