Animal Communication

Q: Do animals use telepathic communication?

Animals naturally communicate telepathically and on electromagnetic impulses, which is why they can so quickly sense another’s emotions of fear, happiness, and safety. They also see energy fields, which is why it doesn’t matter what the person thinks they’re doing, since animals base their actions and reactions on what they pick up from these fields. Cross-species of animals also communicate telepathically if raised together from an early age.

You’ll see in almost all groupings of animals that there is a kind of group consciousness. This is most notably visible during migration—for example, when birds fly en masse, suddenly turning and not crashing into each other, and when herds run as a single unit and change direction instantaneously. They know they are connected. When we allow ourselves to become connected to animals, we automatically gain a deeper understanding of the invisible bond between all living things. There are few truly solitary animals, and even they have periods of needing to be connected.

Q: Do dogs experience time the same way people do? I’m thinking here in terms of leaving a dog alone at home while we go to work.

Dogs experience time significantly differently than people do. They find it difficult to be left behind by humans. Depending on the dog’s particular circumstance, it may equate being left alone as being unable to manage its own needs. When a dog bonds with a human, it becomes literally a symbiotic relationship. When the human leaves, this causes a drain in the dog’s energy field. The dog experiences this as something is not quite right. If the dog has been abused, it experiences that something is very wrong. Either way, the dog may try to relieve its stress by chewing, digging, soiling, or acting out in other ways.

Animals that live in herds, packs, or any other grouping create a group energy field, which is part of their telepathic sensing of relationship. Because people don’t respond telepathically, when an animal sends a message to a human it doesn’t receive an answer. If the animal were to send a message to its own kind, it would get a response: “I am three hills over, I will be back before sunset,” and so on.

Q: So the dog is sending messages to the human and is troubled because there’s no response?


Q: Do multiple dog families have a different reaction because the dogs have each other?

That’s a big help for the dogs, but it is always about the one who leaves that creates the hole. Yes, the dogs create a pack, but your human family is also part of that pack. The reaction is the same as when your child is late returning home and you are waiting for a phone call that doesn’t come. As the hours go by, you start feeling uncomfortable, then more uncomfortable, and eventually worried, anxious, and so on. To help your dogs, send messages to them telepathically during the day.

Q: And they would get them?

Yes. To do this, just visualize your animals in your mind and show them where you are and what you’re doing. Give them a picture of when you’ll return home. This would help. If you’re not good at visualizing, draw a little picture diagram of the dogs and the house with you at the office, the dogs sending a line to you, and you drawing a line from you at work back to the dogs at home, thus encircling them. This would maintain the energy field connection that the animal expects to have with its pack members.

This is also how you can help lost animals find their way home. By sending out a telepathic energy line for them to connect to, you can help them pull themselves home. Belief that this technique works isn’t required. Simply use it repeatedly and you’ll see the desired effect.

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