Is God Lonely

Q: Is God lonely?

The way the question is worded implies that one can be an emotion, whether it’s a person or God. “I am lonely” describes a totality of being. To say, “I am experiencing a lonely moment” completely changes the emotional/spiritual dynamic. This may seem a contrived difference, but it’s an important distinction to make, not only in how we express our varying emotional states, but also in how we think about God.

To be lonely, one must allow oneself to be consumed by feeling separate and apart in a way that causes one to feel disconnected with a resulting emotion of, “I am lonely.”

In order for God to feel lonely, it would have to experience itself as a separate entity apart from everything else. God is neither apart (a part) nor separate. It is the All-That-Is, with a sum that is greater than its parts.

Is God lonely? The answer is no. To think that God is lonely is to create God in the human image.

Does God experience loneliness? The answer is yes. Because God experiences all that is, and all that is not, and all that is beyond comprehension.

Does God experience loneliness in the same way that humans do? No. To say that God experiences loneliness in a personalized way that people do would turn God into a personalized being. God is not a personalized being.

The challenge is that in order for us to feel able to grasp the concept of God, each in our own way chooses a means to understand, to identify, and to connect. But essentially, God is beyond intellectual and emotional comprehension. Only when we are in a pure state of being in the Now can we begin to fathom the all that is.

Until one knows oneself, one has little chance of knowing God. There is a great chance for believing in God through indoctrination into religious beliefs that give you a product called “God.” But in order to know God, one must go through the self as described earlier. God is the Self. The only way to find God is through the self. This can’t be said often enough. As soon as you project God outside of yourself, you have lost knowing and are traveling the route of believing through religious and spiritual indoctrination.

Q: Is God aware of himself as the only one? Or is there more than one God?

This is like asking if infinity has an end. The physical brain is not really capable of taking in the original concept to begin with, except in a very rudimentary way.

If you are serious about knowing the answers to these types of questions, the answers lie in knowing yourself. Use any and every tool available. Spend your time and energy in this pursuit, and you will be rewarded beyond imagining. As it has been said, Go seek the kingdom within.

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