What is Synchronicity

Q: Can you explain what synchronicity is?

A soul cluster being activated.

Q: What does that mean?

It’s a moment when those within a specific cluster of consciousness on a spiritual level become aware on a spiritual level that they’re connected. The most common way they become aware is through some form of synchronicity that causes them to think, “Oh, isn’t this unusual? Perhaps I should pay attention, and notice what this might mean.”

Q: What causes it to get activated?

Karma, destiny, astrological configurations. That is a very complex subject. But it just means that those particular components of the synchronistic event have moved forward together in that moment. Synchronicity is really nothing more than the invisible equations of life being made temporarily visible. It is all mathematical formula. When you run down any one of these strings, you can see how they come together, where they come together, and for how long, before they part and move on and touch another string. I suppose the analogy of a fabric works here. It’s just a huge fabric that all souls are woven into. And eventually all threads touch every other thread.

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