Do We Have Free Will?

Do we, as humans, have free will? 

As humans, no. 

Then why is it that we feel like we need to make decisions? 

Because humans are the smallest part of consciousness. The unmanifest creates the human, which becomes the manifest. Once it has been manifested, the journey has been set for the duration. 

Did the universe create everything at once? 

No, the unmanifest created the universe. In the creation of the universe, everything was set for the duration. 

You are putting the starting point later. When something is manifest, the starting point is over and the duration is set. 

Creation happens in the unmanifest. Once it is manifest, there has already begun the destruction. Creation duration destruction. Back to unmanifest. This cycle evolves. 

So when was I, as an individual, created or manifested? 

An infinity ago. 

The questions do not, cannot make sense in the manifest. It can only cause misunderstanding and confusion. 

I’m confused right now. 

Because you are of time and space. Or your manifestation contains time and space. And so exists within dimensional limitations that you do not know how to supersede. Without awakening, you cannot truly supersede from manifest consciousness. 

So given that we have no real free will, what is the best way for us to approach choices that we think we have or decisions we have to make? 

If the emotional component was removed, the decision becomes the decision. It is when you attach anticipation, worry, regret, fear expectation, hope. Those do not change the process of meeting the decision. 

You do not make the decision. You meet the decision. All the emotional components brought to that, cause the stage play of apparent free will. 

It is an exhausting use of energy and yet it persists in nearly all human beings, even though some are more aware. 

Human beings feel they need to care in order to feel differential states of being to determine that they are alive, accomplishing, growing. Getting apparently closer to what they apparently think they want or choose. Or further away, as the case may be. 

Your approach of not-doing causes less wear and tear. But in the modern world, it is not valued. It is seen as a weakness. 

But in order to truly live that way successfully, there must be an emotionally cleansed state so that the not-doing is not avoidance, or fear, or other emotions. In fact, it is the no-emotion of not doing, of accepting that—when you are awake—the decisions reveal themselves. 

Off in the distance, you can see them. Until you come up under them, like a rain cloud. You can see it is raining in the distance, but the rain—the decision isn’t moving. You move to it. All things are set in time on the manifest level. Do you understand? 

Partially. Why are some people able to see into the future and others aren’t? 

Because for those who can see, more of who they are is still connected to the unmanifest. Correction, they are not fully manifested. So the part that remains unmanifest knows. 

Why are some people not fully manifested? 

It is part of the destiny for those individuals to retain memory and awareness from birth. It is painful to retain those memories without proper understanding when in the manifest. 

When you do not remember, you do not wrestle with free will/no free will. You believe you have free will because you don’t remember. So there is no conflict or challenge in the consciousness. 

All those who are not fully manifest are at a stage where they are closer to returning fully to the unmanifest. 

When we return, when someone returns, do they always come back or is there a point at which you stay unmanifested? 

Stay unmanifested. 

So an individual soul doesn’t keep returning to human form through Infinity? 

No, it does not. Human form has a relatively short duration in Infinity. 

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