Awakening Inner Knowing

In this section, you’ll find blog posts related to Inner Knowing and finding your Inner Teacher. Topics include learning how to pay attention in order to make perception shifts to become more awake, deepening our spirituality and connection to nature, as well as developing a strong connection and conversation with our Inner Teacher or Inner Knowing. These terms may be used interchangeably.

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What Does the Instinct for Survival Have To Do With the Inner Teacher?

Having established that we once had this knowing and intuition that was tied to the source, so what? Even if ancient peoples used to have it, is it really possible that we still retain this same ability? Is it possible that we can reclaim it again as a natural state?

Yes, absolutely. Everyone is born with an active intuitive awareness. This is really nothing more than a refined survival instinct which I will outline in detail later. But before I … Read more

Meditation vs. Mindfulness: What’s the Difference—An Introduction

Who isn’t struggling to keep up with the demands of daily life? With all the busyness, it can be difficult to focus on the present moment and to find inner peace. That’s where meditation and mindfulness come in. While these terms are often used interchangeably, they are not exactly the same thing. While both practices involve quieting the mind and focusing on the present, they differ in their approaches. Meditation is a more structured practice that involves focusing on a … Read more

How Can You Have Confidence in Knowing That What You’re Getting is From the Inner Knowing?

Q: For someone to be able to make use of Inner Knowing do they have to have a certain degree of confidence in knowing that what they’re getting is from the Inner Knowing? 

Practice is what helps builds that confidence and provides validation over time. So it’s duration plus positive experience. 

In the beginning, working with the Inner Knowing is like building a muscle. But this is a very different kind of muscle because it’s invisible and the results are, Read more

Reading Spiritual Books is Not the Spiritual Practice

 Q: There are countless numbers of people who will agree with the basic spiritual ideas you talk about. They’ve read hundreds of books, they share those values, but they’ve never been able to make the changes required to really have their lives transformed. And you’re suggesting that part of what is happening in reading those books can actually be demotivating because they find it soothing and that helps them momentarily feel better, so the pressure to change is actually reduced. Read more

I Keep Falling Asleep When I Meditate. Is That Bad?

Q: Every time I try to meditate, I wind up falling asleep. Should I be trying to do something to force myself to stay awake?

Meditation is a practice that can involve both relaxation and focused attention. It’s not uncommon to feel drowsy or even fall asleep during the relaxation phase of meditation, especially if you’re tired and/or haven’t been sleeping well. In fact, some meditation techniques, such as Yoga Nidra and Guided Imagery, are specifically designed to promote relaxation … Read more

How We Lost Our Natural Connection to Intuition

From the Hands of Many to the Hands of a Few 

At the beginning of human existence, back when we were on a level playing field with all other animals, our instinct for survival was extremely heightened and developed. This instinct was as necessary as any other sense. And because it was employed on a nearly constant basis, it was a dependably reliable means of acquiring information.

The survival instinct was used in much the same way any pack or … Read more

Reframing What the Teen Age Rebellion Period Is About From a Spiritual Perspective

In the beginning, starting around middle school and often continuing through our early twenties, a mysterious sadness begins rising in our consciousness, usually arriving in tandem with a low-level anxiety. Until we figure out the cause, we do our best to live with this feeling of, “Oh no, I’m getting pulled under.”?? 

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be anyone to help us identify what this melancholy feeling is really about. Even at this early age, life can start to feel Read more

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