What Would Be a Good Comprehensive Spiritual Practice?

Q: Can you provide a description of what a good, maybe comprehensive spiritual practice is? What is spiritual practice?

There are many actions one can take in the name of a spiritual practice. You’re familiar with many of them. And pursuing any one of them will help you to feel that you are “doing” a spiritual practice in your “effort” to become more spiritual. But there comes a time in your development when you’ll realize they are all nothing more than busy work, worry beads, something given to students so they can believe they’re doing something to become more spiritual. One cannot become more spiritual. One can just let go of the illusion and delusion of life, and it all becomes clear.

Q: What are the most common illusions and delusions that we need to let go of?

That one must “do” a spiritual practice. That one must try. That it’s hard. I understand the intention of your question, which is “What can support one to let go so that it can all be revealed?” The answer is simple. In fact, it’s so simple that most people don’t believe it.

Sit outside in nature and just listen. Spend as much time as you can in nature, absorbing. That is the fastest way. Place aside worldly distractions, the media, all things that take away who you are to put you someplace else. To be fully present with no distractions is the fastest way.

You can read books, find teachers, and meditate until the cows come home. Eat this, don’t eat that. Stand on your head. It’s all busy work. Albeit, good busy work. And that’s not to say that you won’t get value out of doing that, because you will.

Yet simply spending time in nature, being fully present will eventually quiet the mind because there’s nothing new being added to disturb it. And the thoughts will subside on their own.

Q: When you can get rid of thoughts, what is the life experience like?

Peace. Awareness. Seeing everything for what it is and is not.

Q: Can you describe what it is to see everything the way it is?

The layers of illusion begin dropping away. Culturally trained belief structures begin losing their power. It is the beginning practice of becoming one, of experiencing the all-that-is. Language always fails. Do the practice and discover for yourself.

Q: When you say that language fails, and I understand that–yet I am a writer, so how do I make writing valuable so that it connects?

Take your two hands and place them about a foot apart from each other in. Palms facing each other. Slowly start bringing them together. What do you feel?

Q: There’s definitely a force between the two sides.

That is reality. That is pure energy. That is the vibration of the all-that-is. As a writer, you are using words to move that energy to help people feel and understand. It is easy to move energy with words to help people feel to a point. And then that individual must self-initiate for the rest of the journey.

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