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How to Find Your Inner Teacher

In this section, you’ll find blog posts related to How to Find Your Inner Teacher. Topics include learning how to pay attention in order to make perception shifts to become more awake, deepening our spirituality and connection to nature, as well as developing a strong connection and conversation with our inner teacher.

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My Primary News Source

no news is good newsIf you pay attention to the news, it seems we are living in crazy times. Even though I try to remind myself that’s not entirely true–it’s just that “crazy” sells and the media is buying. I do my best to do my own ferreting out to find the truth, which mostly means staying away from what passes as “news” these days.

Sitting in a restaurant last night, my table was facing a grandmother, mother, and young son. As they were contentedly chatting away, the son (who was sitting next to his grandmother and who was about 12 years old) began to casually stroke his grandmother’s hair while listening to his […]

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Sharing an Experience

I was speaking with a long-time mentoring student who’s found himself working very hard not to become embroiled in verbal battles of late. His question to me was:

 Is there a way that we can sanely engage in intelligent conversation
that can include differing views, without resorting to hostility?

Great question, don’t you think? Is it possible to discuss politics or religion, or anything we feel passionately about, without getting locked into stalemated arguments? Which usually results in the predictable outcome of two (or more) angry people more certain than ever that they are right and that the other person is a complete idiot.

Here’s the challenge as I see it. It’s folly to think that we can engage in a discussion […]

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In Case You Missed It–Blood Moon Eclipse

Last night, I had a front row seat for a spectacular display, where three separate lunar events converged— the first of its kind since 1982, and the last we’ll see until 2033. The total eclipse coincided with the full moon nearest the fall equinox, known as the Harvest Moon. And the moon was at its closest approach to Earth for the year, making it also a supermoon or perigee moon. The ‘Blood Moon’ eclipse gets its name from the reddish hue the moon takes as Earth’s shadow passes over it. The supermoon phenomenon occurs when the moon is full at the closest part of its orbit around Earth so that it appears to be much larger in the sky.

Truly a […]

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Reality Check: How Many Leaves Can You Name?

Perhaps you’ve seen a variation of this floating around the web. For me, this pretty much sums up one of the major ways in which the modern world has lost its balance.

brands vs nature

Is there anyone left in the western world who doesn’t instantly recognize all of the logos? If you want to see how you did with the names of the leaves (okay, I did throw in one trick leaf) click to see the answers.

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Last Call

night snowLast call for the dogs at our house is usually around 11 pm. When first call starts at around 5 am, that makes for a very long day. So, at night, I always walk them out to ensure that they get down to business.

Since my sense of humor and patience have already gone on to bed without me, no dawdling is allowed.

Graidy knows the drill. Wink sees this as another opportunity to prolong the day. He stops to sniff. I groan. He’s always stopping to sniff.

I am not supportive of the sniffing tonight.  I enforce a strict ‘Walk and Poop’ policy because I’d like to get to bed within the same 24 hours […]

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